BeeVee does not only commit to the members, but also for charity. This year BeeVee will raise money for a recovery project of Natuurmonumenten

Estate of Mansion the Mookerheide

In 1905 arose on the mansion of the Mookerheide, in the Art Nouveau style, with surrounding ornamental and nut garden, a park forest and a vast estate. After World War II, the Sisters of the Dominicans of Bethany started a shelter for children with learning and patenting difficulties and a monastery. When Natuurmonumenten acquired the mansion in 1985, it was barely an estate anymore. After years of recovery and rebuilding it changed. Nowadays there even is a hotel-restaurant. The mansion and the surrounding land are worth paying a visit!

Enjoy the surroundings of the mansion and stroll across wrinkly forest paths and a majestic driveway. On the estate there are Cornish oaks, maples, planes and European beeches, which sometimes even grow next to each other. On the other side of the mansion, there are greenhouses and nuts gardens. Two of these greenhouses are in use, and the third one will be rebuilt.

Nuts garden and greenhouses

More than a century ago, there were beautiful vegetable gardens, fruitwalls and greenhouses. They were used to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers. The vegetable garden was established in the 1930’s, when the mansion was in possession of the Sisters. The fruit grew up against the walls and many different kinds of vegetables were grown. Then, only two greenhouses were built, which were heated with their own heaters. The vegetables and fruit were grown, so the Sisters and their foster-children could use them.

After a couple of years, the garden, fruitwalls and greenhouses were overgrown by trees and bushes. Natuurmonumenten now renovates the gardens and greenhouses, so they can be used again. The monumental gardens are fully recovered and some of the greenhouses are in use. In a couple of years the Seizoenen and the Driestroom should have their “landwinkel” in one of these greenhouses. Then there are going to work people with a handicap and people with a distance to the labor market.