BeeVee does not only commit to the members, but also for charity. This year BeeVee will raise money for ARK.

How it began

In the mid-eighties, things were not going well with Dutch nature. There was acid rain, dead rivers and the disappearance of species. Nature was seen as vulnerable and suffering from human disruption.

               In the end of 1988, a few large projects in the field of nature development suddenly appeared. These projects were even too big for some one-man businesses, so the founders joined together and set up a management and research foundation: ARK. But it was not only ARK, Stroming was another organization but in 2002 these two became separate. But still, sometimes the two organizations work closely together.

What do they do?

ARK helps to realize robust nature in a coherent network of large nature areas and connections, which also branches to nature in the city. It contributes to a pragmatic realization of the National Nature Network through area development and public communication.

               In addition, ARK looks for combinations with social goals for water safety, landscape development, recreation and tourism and where relevant, water or raw material extraction.

Where does our money go?

The money of BeeVee goes to a project for the return of the otter along the rivers. This due to the successful reintroduction in Overijssel and Friesland.

               In recent decades, the water quality of streams and rivers had improved considerably and nature has been restored in floodplains and stream valleys. With some extra efforts, new otter populations can develop in the long term along the Rijn and the Maas.