• Egg Decorating with Kultuur

    People can send in their decorating egg pictures from 12:00 on the 11th of April till 12:00 on the 14th of April. After sending in your egg, Kultuur will make a top 3 of the most beautiful eggs, which will receive a price (after COVID-19)!!

  • The sound of BeeVee: quarantaine edition

    To help us all through the quarantine times, SPIn organises a new rendition of the sound of BeeVee. With the theme "quarantine", each day a new sound will be uploaded in the morning and you will have to guess what the sound is! Everybody can participate via this link. Simply play the sounds and let us know via the website form. Fill the form in every day and do not forget to leave your name. At the end of the week, SPIn will see which person had the most answers right. The winner receives a mystery prize!

  • MOTjE et Al.'s adventure story!

    This activity is a fun little story you can read, with an open ending. You, the reader, can fill in the poll, which will determine the future of our protagonist. Whichever option gets the most votes will determine what happens next. Choose wisely!


  • BeeVee's Birthday Brownie Delivery

    On the 25th of April it is the Dies Natalis (birthday) of BeeVee. BeeVee will celebrate its 35th birthday and thereby its 7th lustrum! The board wants to celebrate this with you by eating brownies together, at a safe distance, from home! We will deliver the homemade brownies at your home in Nijmegen on either the 24th or 25th of April.
    If you want to celebrate our birthday with us by getting a free brownie, fill in the form below!
    Note: it is on a first come, first serve base! You will get a conformation beforehand, that you will receive a brownie and on which day we will come by.
    You have until the 22nd of April to apply for a free brownie via this link!

  • BeeVee's Birthday Quiz

    As you all know, BeeVee turns 35 this year! To still celebrate this astonishing age, the board will organise a quiz about the past 35 years on our birthday, the 25th of April. This quiz will take place on the BeeVee Discord, in a channel especially made for this festivity. To participate in this sublime activity, you have to sign up in teams of 3 to 5 people before 24-04 23:59 by sending an email to with the participants and your team name. Make sure you're quick, since there is a limited amount of spaces. The quiz will start at 20.00 and we expect it to last to approximately 22.45. The winning team will receive a fantastic prize! Don't forget to join the Discord server, if you want to participate ( Also, make sure you have a good connection! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them to any of us.

  • BeeVee's stay at home taskmaster

    Inspired by the great British Tv show taskmaster, SPIn organizes yet another great quarantine Activity.
    Beebee Stay at home Taskmaster!

    In this activity, we will give three different tasks for you to complete. Film yourself completing these tasks and we will rate your performances.The funniest, dedicated and/or most creative ones will win! For some inspiration here is an episode of the show: So do you have what it takes to become BeeVee's taskmaster, then check below for our amazing tasks you can accomplish

    Tasks will be posted on the 4th, 6th, 8th of May, with the deadline for submission being Sunday the 10th 23:59, to be sent to you can compete in as many tasks as you'd like. Although only one submission per person per task is allowed. Afterwards, the best videos will be shown on this page.

  • Stay fit with ATP

    ATP challenges you to get some exercise in for this month! 4 times a week we will upload an instructional video with workouts, trickshots, challenges and Tik Tok dances for you to try at home. Check our instagram at 10:00h on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays to view your exercise assignment for the day! (@beevee_atp)

  • Online biologists evening

    Every Thursday there is a Biologists evening where you can grab a drink, chill or dance in the Malle Babbe. As the bar is closed during these measures the Biologists evenings will be at home in the Malle Babbe channel in the discord server. So come and enjoy a night of talking together, dancing at home and listening to music together!

  • DIAFRAGMA's Quarantaine Quiz Quest

    Are you also feeling lost? Do you miss going out with your friends? Do you want to travel around the world? Then DIAFRAGMA has the perfect activity for you! We will send you to all your favorite partying places around Nijmegen and the rest of the world without ever leaving your house. In this interactive photohunt/quiz/crazy88/treasure hunt you will get a wide variety of questions (googling allowed) and assignments to perform. Play this game together with your friends (while not meeting them in person of course) on the 26th of May from 19:00-22:00 and win awesome prizes! You can sign up in teams of 4-6 people by sending an e-mail to with a team name. So please join us on DIAFRAGMA's Quarantaine Quiz Quest and register your team as soon as possible!

  • FYC online game night

    An online game tournament, with four different games. The sign up is in duos, but you will play individually.

  • Symci's Bookclub

    Are you also done with sitting behind a screen all day while the weather outside is so nice? ☀️ During the month June Symci will provide you with weekly book recommendations to enjoy in the sun and get away from all the online world for a while ???? ????
    The books will have changing topics and genres. So there will be enough choice to find the optimal book that helps you through your time in quarantine! Follow us on Instagram to be up to date with the recommendations: beevee_symci. Also make sure to check the website.

  • Recreating paintings with Household items

    Always wondered how the Mona Lisa would look like when using only stuff from the fridge? Well, now is your chance! Use your creative side and re-imagine famous paintings in a new light. Paintings can be recreated using any items you can find lying around your home except for paint and other drawing supplies (that would be too easy). You can use the paintings recreated by our members (posted on Instagram) and the Instagram-account @tussenkunstenquarantaine as inspiration! Send in your painting to: and maybe you will win the competition!

  • SPIngo Night

    Does your life feel like the life of your grandparents nowadays? Sitting inside all-day and talking about the good old days, when we all could go to the Malle Babbe every day?
    Then let this activity be the final nail in the coffin of your personal dignity, Put your scootmobiel in highest gear and race to your personal computer (ask your grandchildren on how to operate that machine). SPIn will make sure that we provide the most amazing Bingo experience of the decade. Fill in the form and don't forget to take your medication. (You may have to login to the website to enroll and see the enroll option) See you on the 8th of June.
    Please note that only professional bingo players are allowed, we wouldn't want amateurs ruining the evening for us pro players.

  • Greek Cooking Evening

    Have you been wanting to go on holiday this summer, but the coronavirus is blocking you? Sure, you can go to Greece and spend the first week in you hotel room in quarantine, but that is no fun. So that is why ABO brings the mediterranean right into your kitchen with the Greek cooking workshop!
    The 10th of June at 18:00, you can cook along ABO on discord, while we (and you) prepare some delicious food! And while you can cook along, you can also get some new inspiration for some delicious recipes. If you want to cook along, check Facebook, so you can get the ingredients beforehand.

  • Online Beer Tasting

     ???? Do you know the difference between flavour and taste?
    ???? Different types of food can alter the taste of products. This can change the flavour of beer as well! Join us in a online tasting session, in which we will guide you through this tastefull world of beer. This will be a live session, the exact programme which will be used will follow.
    You can sign up until Wednesday June 10th 12:00h, by sending an email to We will provide you with a small grocery list and instructions for the tasting. Hopefully we will see you there!

  • Study together session

    Studying can be quite hard if you are used to sitting in the library, motivated by other people working as well. That is why ABO organises an online study together session, so that you, together with fellow students can study in a quite environment. And if you have any questions, you can discuss this with other students!
    So come swing by this Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10 and 4 for some productive studying!

  • Fc Jungle Pubquiz

     Although the rules around corona are getting a little less strict and you might be popping out of your cocoon like a beautiful butterfly. We, as Fc, want to do one last amazing online activity to console you in the loss of the Jungle Party. We made a JUNGLEPUBQUIZ that you can join in groups of 2-5 This way you can use all the information you gathered, as study avoiding activities, and put them to good use!

  • ABO's Internship manuals

    Description activity: (Almost) done with your internship? Share your internship experience with us and win a 25 euro giftcard! It's very simple: just fill in this form and inspire other students in their search for an internship. Your objective internship story will be placed on the BeeVee website, where it is only accessible for members. CLICK HERE -->

  • Biologists evening 09-07

    Dear member,

  • Summer Disco Biologists evening

    The study year will soon come to an end and together with your fellow biologists you can celebrate the ending of this tumultuous year. "Where?" you might wonder. At the biologists evening of 16-07-2020, of course! This evening will have the theme "Summer Disco", so don't forget to dress up accordingly. Be sure to register on time via the website.

  • First Year's Pubquiz

    With the orientation just over, it’s time to start your actual studies. However, more often than not you will be needing time of from studying to just relax. This is where Olympus comes in. Olympus is the umbrella association for all study associations of the beta faculty. We provide activities to bring beta students from different fields in contact with each other. The first one of these activities this year will be an online pubquiz for the first years! Do you think you have what it takes to take on the other beta first years? Sign up via!

  • Committee Market

    his week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, there will be committee markets in the breaks, where you can meet all of BeeVee’s different committees! You can have a look around, chat a bit, and see if there is something you like. This is a great way to sign up for a committee and to get some extra social contacts as an added bonus! Please keep the guidelines concerning COVID-19 into consideration, so keep 1.5 meters distance at all times, and stay home if you have any symptoms! We hope to see all of you there on the grass behind the Huygens building.
    We also set up a page on the website where people who unfortunately can’t come to the physical Committee Market can look and get an idea about the committee, so they still can join a committee if they want to. You can find this page here.

  • Beachvolleybal with ATP

    Hi everyone,
    On thursday the 17th of september ATP will organise our annual beachvolleybal event ????. You can sign up individually and we can make teams on the spot.
    So have you missed our activities during the past months or are you curious about ATP? Don’t hesitate and sign up because we only have limited spots. You can sign up from 07-09 till 11-09 through a google form which will appear in the promo app and on the Facebook page on monday ????.

  • Biologists evening 17-09

    Every Thursday there will be a biologists evening.
    If you want to come and you are healthy, you have to reserve a spot. There are only 24 places in total, on the terracw. 
    Remember to log into the website to be able to see the "enroll" button. We hope to see many of you in the coming biologists evening. Don't forget you membership cards to get the discounts on your drinks.

  • Origami and Mandala's Workshop

    Want a relaxing break from all your online lectures and studygroups? Join Kultuur's workshop in Goffert Park and show your creative side! The workshop will start at 19:00 and you can sign up via this form.

  • Pre GMM

    During this pre-GMM, the 35th board of BeeVee will discuss the documents on which will be voted during the biannual GMM. These include the 'Adjusted budget for 2020', the 'LuCA2020 extension request' and the 'Social media guidelines'. If you have any questions about other documents, you can always add these to the agenda at the start of the meeting.

  • Biologists evening 25-09

    Every Thursday there will be a biologists evening.
    If you want to come and you are healthy, you have to reserve a spot. There are only 24 places in total, on the terracw. 
    Remember to log into the website to be able to see the "enroll" button. We hope to see many of you in the coming biologists evening. Don't forget you membership cards to get the discounts on your drinks.

  • [CANCELED] Bring your own Biergarten

    Do you want to drink beer and eat bratwurst? Then the Olympus Bring your own Biergarten is perfect for you! This year you'll have to bring your own beer so we can better keep to the corona guidelines from the RIVM. But this also means that you can join this wonderful sausage fest for only €3! So bring some beer, a cloth to sit on and your friends and sign up via

  • Biologists Evening 01-10

    Every Thursday there will be a biologists evening.
    If you want to come and you are healthy, you have to reserve a spot. There are only 30 places in total, in the lounge. 
    Remember to log into the website to be able to see the "enroll" button. We hope to see many of you in the coming biologists evening. Don't forget you membership cards to get the discounts on your drinks.

  • How to student workshop

    Hello everyone! Have you started your studies but have no idea about the student life in Radboud? Don't worry, ABO is here for you! On the 6th of October from 19:30 to 20:45, we will have an online session were you can find all the answers you need about how to be a student, like finding a room in Nijmegen, using a printer at the library, discovering all the hotspots in your city and many more! So make sure to sign up at and we'll see you there!

  • Gotcha

    On October 5th, a new round of Gotcha is starting! Gotcha is based on a movie that is also called Gotcha. Everybody has a water gun and a target. The goal is to eliminate your target as soon as possible. But watch out, if you do not pay attention for a little while you might be eliminated yourself… When you shoot your target, you get his/ her target, so you can come up with a plan to make your next kill! And do not think you can hide, when you stay inactive for too long, you will also be eliminated from the game. On the Gotcha page on the BeeVee website, more information is available. Besides, all the shootings will be presented there!

    You can sign up via this Google Form. until October 6th 23:59.

    More info and rules can be found here.

  • Biannual GMM

    During the GMM, the 35th board of BeeVee will discuss the past half year by going through the 'Biannual Report' and the 'Financial biannual report'. Also, we want to propose the ‘Social media guidelines’ on which there will be a vote. Furthermore, there will be a vote on the new budget for 2020 and the LuCA2020 extension. Additionally, prior to the ‘Biannual Report’ the document ‘Lustrum decision’ will be discussed.

  • Bioligists evening 08-10-2020

    Every Thursday there will be a biologists evening.
    If you want to come and you are healthy, you have to reserve a spot. There are only 30 places in total, in the lounge. 
    Remember to log into the website to be able to see the "enroll" button. We hope to see many of you in the coming biologists evening. Don't forget you membership cards to get the discounts on your drinks.

  • Excursion to the Millingerwaard

    On Saturday October 10th, VACUOLES and Ac together organize an excursion. The excursion will be given by ARK NATURE, an organization which realizes robust nature areas where nature is allowed to take its course as much as possible. This provides a great wealth of landscapes, plants and animals. On October 10th we will take a look at their project in the Millingerwaard. We will have the excursion from 10:30 till around 13:00. During this activity, students have a chance to talk to alumni about their study and career! You can either go there yourself, or cycle with us from Nijmegen Central Station at 9:00. The excursion will be free, but be sure to take some lunch with you for during the excursion. We will arrange some drinks

  • Student meets Company (online)

     All (master)students look out! On Wednesday 14 October, there will be an online career event, in cooperation with the Medical Faculty Association Nijmegen (MFVN).
    Keynote speaker Toine Tax (Director of Doornroosje) will kick off the evening with his inspiring story about his career path. After this, you get the chance to get in touch with different companies in three different rounds.
    The event will start at 19.00h and you can participate for FREE!
    Send an email before October 10th to to sign up!

  • Among us Biologists evening 15-10

    The board will organise digital biologists evenings again. These will take place from 20:30 onward on the BeeVee Discord. Here online games can be played or talk to your fellow biologists. We hope to see you on Discord coming Thursday

  • Board Interest Lunch

    Are you interested in a board year, or are you perhaps thinking about it and want to know more? Come to our board interest lunch. Here we will tell you shortly what being a board is all about and you can ask the individual board members more about their function. You can always ask us questions about a board year individually via WhatsApp or e-mail. Additionally, we will try to provide lunch if the measures allow this. You can already sign up via email and if we know more about the location we will contact you. Email to:

  • Among Us Evening

    Dear Biologists,

    Sadly there has not been much integration between the first years and older years yet but FYC is about to change that! What better way to get to know older/younger biologists then to throw them of a space ship? Enroll to join the FYC among us tourney. We hope to see you all there!


  • Break lecture Metakids

    It’s time for Symci’s first proper event of the year! On Friday the 6th of November, prof. dr. Dirk Lefeber will give a break lecture about Metakids! It’ll be given from 12.15-13.30h via Zoom. The link is:
    Every year, BeeVee raises money for charity, and in 2020 this charity is Metakids. This charity finances research for metabolic diseases, and simultaneously raises awareness of the severity of the impact of those diseases.
    You can sign up from the 28th onwards. As there are only limited places, be sure to sign up quickly!

    Information about the content of the lecture, as written by the lecuturer:
    "Metakids is one of the Charities that support research on metabolic diseases. Metabolic diseases form a group of >1000 genetic disorders that are caused by abnormalities in our metabolism. As they are individually rare, they are often neglected. Nevertheless, as a group, they form one of the most important causes of death in childhood. Few of the metabolic diseases are currently treatable and these can be detected very early during neonatal screening. This is crucial, since early initiation of treatment can prevent the occurrence of severe disease. The main goal of our research is to understand the biology behind the other metabolic diseases to find novel treatment opportunites and prevent severe disease.
    One of the main problems is that the biology appears more complex than anticipated and also different from textbook knowledge. Thereby, research on metabolic diseases has also resulted in many new and unforeseen insights in human biology. This presentation will provide an insight in metabolic diseases and discuss the importance to understand biological processes to discover novel treatment strategies."

  • The World Wide PubQuiz

    Everybody knows that Fc is great at organizing parties and drinking beers, but did you know that the members of Fc also have a great general knowledge? Well.. we think we have, but do you?
    Fc dares you to join the World Wide PubQuiz where we will test more than just your biologically talented brains!
    We will host our amazing FcPubQuiz on the 12th of November at 20:30.
    Are you the world traveler we are looking for? Then enroll in groups of max. 4 persons by sending an email to!
    Don't start packing your bags, because we will bring the world to your screen! We will host our World Wide PubQuiz live via!
    So stay at home, stay safe and we will see you on the 12th!


  • SPIngo

    Does your life feel like the life of your grandparents nowadays? Sitting inside all-day and talking about the good old days, when we all could go to the Malle Babbe every day?
    Then let this activity be the final nail in the coffin of your personal dignity, Put your scootmobiel in highest gear and race to your personal computer (ask your grandchildren on how to operate that machine). SPIn will make sure that we provide the most amazing Bingo experience of the decade. Fill in the form and don't forget to take your medication. (You may have to login to the website to enroll and see the enroll option) See you on the 18th of November.
    Please note that only professional bingo players are allowed, we wouldn't want amateurs ruining the evening for us pro players.

  • Online Werewolves

    Dear lovely Biologists,

    The 23rd of November, VACUOLES will start with the activity Online Werewolves: BeeVee edition! For the people that don’t know Werewolves, it’s like the original Among Us.
    However, this version is different as you might know it, as this game will be in real-time! You can vote everyday, from 12:00 until 20:00 it is the daytime, and the night will take place from 20:30 until 10:00 the next day. The game will last some days, depending on how the game will be played!
    You can sign up by sending an email to until 16th November, 23:59. There’s a maximum of 60 people joining the activity, which could be divided over 3 separate games. if you want to be sure that you will get in the same game as your friends, let us know who you want to play with in your email.
    After the 16th of November, you will receive an email from us with your role, what that role means and a link to the Discord server(s)! 

  • The ABO & Kultuur Bake Off: Winter Edition

    Hello lovely biologist!
    ABO and Kultuur have joined forces for a perfect activity to distract you from uni work: The ABO & Kultuur Bake off!! During this winter themed activity you will bake some delicious cookies in teams of 2 or 3 or on your own. Each team will have the same basic cookie recipe and we will judge your cookies (not on flavor unfortunately) but on your execution and creativity. If you live in Nijmegen, all the pre-measured ingredients can be delivered by your doorstep for only 3 euros per team! However, if you want extra creativity points, you can buy some extra fun ingredients yourself as well. If you are not in Nijmegen, we will give you the ingredient list, so you can buy everything yourself beforehand. Are you no master baker? Don’t worry cause there will be some extra challenges along the way to score some extra points. The activity will take place on November 24 at 20:00 on Zoom. Sign up via this forum ( quickly because we have limited space!
    We hope to see you all there!!

  • Test

    Enroll for the option you prefer, and fill in the form. The data you submit will only be used for the livestream and delivery and will be deleted within two weeks after the activity has been held.

  • Auction for Metakids

    Going once, going twice… Sold!

  • PRAC's Elf Delivery Service

    Ho Ho Ho!! It has been a while since PRAC orgaanised a borrel and we have to admit, we miss you guys!! This is why we will bring the borrel to you!!! On the 10th of December during the BOS mystery pubquiz, PRAC will be your elves and bring around warm Glühwein and Chocolate Milk (to warm yourself) with accompanied snacks! You can ofcourse also order hot drinks when you don't attend the BOS pubquiz (but do so, it will be fun!!). We will deliver the hot drinks exclusively in Nijmegen and around 19.00-21.00h. Due to the corona measures, you have to bring your own cup to fill up with your hot drink of choice.
    Please fill in this form and dont forget to pay the payment request according to your purchase!!

  • BOS Mystery Destination Quiz

    BOS is back with the Mystery Destination Quiz!

    During the activity we will look at some beautifull destinations that BOS has been to or might go to this year. The activity will be streamed via Twitch and you can participate in groups with a maximum of 4 (either sitting together or via discord) but individual participation is also possible. Signing up can be done by just filling in this simple google form.

    During the activity we will also give some general information about the studytrip (think of the estimated prices, discounts and activities on the trips) and more importantly, we will reveal this years destination!

    PRAC will also help by brining around glühwein and hot cocoa around to your places for €1.

    See you on the 10th of December!

  • Board games Biologists evening + Announcement candidate board

    Dear biologists, coming Thursday, the 17th of December, the board organises a special edition of the Biologists Evening, namely the Board games edition! Come join us on the BeeVee Discord server from 20:30 onwards to play your favourite board games online. We will provide the necessary websites/software for this. Also, at 20:45, the candidate board and their functions will be revealed here through a very special announcement!

  • Pre-GMM

    Dear member,

  • BeeVee Dinner (Postponed)

    This activity is postponed

  • Almanac Borrel delivery service

    Better late than never! The Almanac of 2019 – 2020 is here, and MOTjE et Al. will reveal it in an interactive livestream, with quiz questions, spontaneous interviews and many prizes to be won! The Almanac can be delivered at your doorstep with an accompanying borrel package with special selected craft beers and snacks delivered by PRAC & MOTjE et Al! The date will be announced later on, for when the curfew is lifted. You can pre-order the combination package, only the borrel package or just the Almanac now via one of the links below, and you will receive a payment request when the date is set. We hope to see you all at the livestream!

  • Change GMM

    During the GMM, the 35th board of BeeVee will discuss the past year by going through the 'Annual Report' and the 'Financial Annual Report'. Also, we want to propose changes to the 'House Rules', 'Confidentiality statement' and the 'Statements personal information' on which all three there will be a vote. Furthermore, the 36th candidate board of BeeVee will present their 'Policy plan' and there will be a vote on the 'Budget of 2021'. Finally, there will be a vote on the charge of the 36th candidate board and the discharge of the 35th board.

  • LAN night

    Have you filled the last year with working on your gaming skills? Do you need a break from studying by the means of games? Or are you looking for a challenge against friends? Then we have the perfect activity for you! Olympus and Dorans have teamed up to bring you a wonderful evening and night filled with games, either competitive or casual. This event will be hosted on Discord, for which you can enter by clicking this link .
    The games that will be competitively played are League of Legends, Rocket League and Curve Fever. You can check in from 19:00 for the first game, after which the tournament will start at 19:30. The second tournament will start at 22:30. To enter one of these tournaments, sign up with this form:

  • Kultuur's Movie Night: Zombieland

    It’s (probably) not the end of the world.

    As some of you may have noticed, the world has been dealing with some sub-optimal conditions this past year. It is, by all means, a serious situation, but that doesn’t mean it has to dampen our spirits. In the face of catastrophe, there is still room for a sense of humour. That is why Kultuur has chosen a comedy for our movie night, on the 19th of February: Zombieland (2009). The title should give a hint about the content. It is a post-apocalyptic comedy: a film about surviving and even enjoying, a total dumpster-fire of a situation. We hope you will find some comfort in it. So grab your popcorn and join us via this link:

    Also: zombies. Marvellous creatures, from a cultural as well as a biological standpoint.

  • Break lecture New Look on New Technologies

    With new technologies coming from everywhere, healthcare is constantly improving. What are the ethical and social-cultural impact of the use of new technologies like Cripr Cas, artificial intelligence and robotic in healthcare? How do we assess and evaluate which innovations are desirable? Health scientist and philosopher Marianne Boenink will dive into these questions during the next Symci break lecture on the 22nd of February. You can join via this Zoom link:

  • Valentine's Day Speeddating

    Join the activity via this link:

    As we predicted that most of you were alone by yourself on Valentines Day, as the FYC we decided to organize a fast paced speed dating event. The event will take place in Zoom where you will be assigned into several different breakout rooms in groups of 4, and meet lots of new people. You are expected to prepare the cheesiest of pickup lines to open up the conversation, but if you don't feel crafty we are always here to aid you with some disgusting pickup lines that'll start the conversation. Who knows? Maybe you'll even win a prize (or maybe the connections that you made here are the best gifts that you can ever get)

    Don't forget to register through to partake in this lovely evening! To see the enroll button, you might have to login. We expect you all on Tuesday, 23 February, at 20:00 :)

  • Open Mic Movie Night

    Every year Kultuur organizes an Open Mic night where everyone gets the chance to show their special talent. During this evening performances like bands, cabarets and other fun acts take place. Unfortunately, this year a physical open mic cannot take place. But, we have an alternative for you: an Open Mic Movie Night! With the magic help of DIAFRAGMA, we've combined your acts into one big movie. If you wish to discover the talents of your fellow biologists, you can join the movie night via this link

  • SPIn & PRAC Game-Night

    The votes are in! The games you have chosen for the very first SPIn&PRAC gamenight are... Scribble and Cards against Humanity!
    Do you want to compete against your friends and fellow biologists in these amazing games? You can now sign up! The sign up period lasts until the 28th of February 23:59.
    You can also register 2 friends that you want to play with, and we'll make sure that you're placed in the same pool.
    The SPIn&PRAC gamenight will be held on the 3rd of March. We'll be there from 20:00 to welcome you and we will commence the games at 20:30.
    We hope to see you then!

    You can check out the SPIn and PRAC webpage here.

  • What The Heck Is This FAC Borrel

    In two weeks, the online What The Hack Is This FAC (WTHITF) borrel will take place again. Here you can have a chat with some of BeeVee’s amazing committees to see if there maybe is a committee you like. This is a great opportunity to sign up for a committee you like and socialize for a bit. You can sign up via the BeeVee website: , or just hop in the Discord server. We hope to see you on the 5th of March during the break!

  • Get Active

    With the current measurements, the fitness centers are still closed. However, a good stretch is always good after a long day of studying. Therefore, ATP organises a fun evening where you can have a workout online together with your fellow biologists. To participate you need to click on the following zoomlink. In here, further information of the evening will follow.

  • Input Meeting

    Dear members,

    As the Any Other Business of the Change GMM could not be discussed, because of shortage of time, the board has planned an input meeting on Wednesday the 10th of March at 12.30h. The topics that will be discussed are the BOS trip and the vegetarian idea for the BeeVee Dinner. If you have any other things you would like to discuss please let us know when you register. When there is enough time, the board will try to discuss this topic too. When fewer than 10 people will sign up, the meeting will be canceled and we will discuss the topics in another way.

    With love,
    The 36th board

    You can join the meeting via this zoom link

  • Theme Biologists Evening: Escape Room

    Dear members,

    On the 11th of March, the 36th board organises their first (online) Theme Biologists Evening on the BeeVee Discord server! During this evening, you will be solving puzzles in several 'rooms' of a colour-themed escape room: The Colour Cage. Why colour-themed? Well, because the final solution of this escape room will be the colour of the 36th board! Will you be the first one to find out?
    You can sign up in groups or individually via this Form before 10 March 23:59.

    With love,
    The 36th board

  • Seed Bomb Workshop

    Do you have a green thumb and no chance to use it because of the lockdown? ABO and the Radboud Botany club have organized an activity just for you! Join us on 16/3 to make Seed Bombs made out of seeds, soil and clay, which you can later through at any location and enjoy some wonderful plants to brighten up your neighborhood!

    If this sounds like an activity for you, you can sign up via this form:

    The cost of the activity is 50 cents for BeeVee members and 1 euro for external members. Also we will send all the required materials to you for free if you are in Nijmegen and at your own cost if you live outside.

Couple the BeeVee Calnder to your own via this link.