• Canvas bag design competition

    As we like to promote sustainable goodies, we thought it would be time to introduce canvas bags to the association. This brand new merchandise item deserves a brand new design, and therefore we are looking for one of you to send in your design! The best design will be printed on this limited BeeVee-merchandise. The only conditions are: (1) the design must contain either the BeeVee-mouse or the name BeeVee and (2) it has to be a vector file. You have until September 30th to send in your design to! Good luck!

  • FYChange

    On Thursday the 26th, we will be holding the FYChange! Come join us and say goodbye to the old FYC and celebrate the new members. FYC will also unveil their new logo for the upcoming year, so make sure you're there!

  • Veluwe Excursion

    Sunday the 29th of September, Ac and VACUOLES will organise an excursion to the beautiful Veluwe. First there will be three interesting lectures, followed by a delicious lunch. In the afternoon we will have a tour over the Veluwe guided by Dirk Hilbers. During the whole day alumni can answer all your questions about the future as a biologist.

    We hope to see you all at the Veluwezoom.
    You can get your ticket from 16th-20th of September during the break (12:15-13:15h) in HG00.114. Tickets cost €5 each.

    The first lecture will start at 11:00h.
    You can join us by travelling to the Veluwezoom by train at 09:45h (meeting point: starbucks Nijmegen CS). Train costs are not included in ticket price.

  • How to Student

    Description activity: Do you already understand the print system? Do you have problems with finding the perfect room? And do you know where to find all the super-hotspots in Nijmegen?
    During the introduction you might have gotten an answer to some of these questions, but we will provide you with some insider-student-tips that you might have never heard of… (From ABO’s own experience.)
    Feel free to pass by in HG00.062 on the 2nd of October during the break and ABO will give you the answer to all of these questions, and more! We will provide free tea, coffee and cookies, however you can also (pre-)order a delicious lunch for only €1! Just email to to make a reservation for your lunch (please let us know your preferences and allergies).
    Hope to see you there!

  • Open Mic Sign Up

    Come forth behind those curtains and take the spotlights on Kultuurs Open Mic! Show your special talent, gather a band together or share your funniest jokes, and sign up for the Open Mic on the 13th of november in Trianon. Let us know what you need and sign up: till the 7th of November!

  • Beestfeest Predrinks

    Of course you are going to the Beestfeest but now the struggle is real, where are you planning on having a couple of drinks before the party? Olympus has got you covered! On The 3rd of October Olympus will organize pre-Beestfeest drinks together with the Borrelcie’s from BeeVee, Marie Curie, Leonardo and Thalia. Together we will provide you with lots of cheap beer and really fun drinking games. It will be from 17:30 to 23:00 in the North street. So after the borrel we can directly move to the BeestFeest. Be there or be vierkant!

  • Kultour

    Behind the scenes, Kultuur wandered through the undiscovered places of our beautiful city and dove into her history. We collected stunning places and amazing facts and will present to you: this years KULTOUR through Nijmegen!! Are you a new citizen of Nijmegen or do you already live here for several years, but don't know everything about Nijmegen's street art, pretty cafe's and history? Join our tour on the 7th of October. We will meet up at 18:30 at Kolpinghuis. The tour will end at approximately 21:00h at cafe de Hemel, which leaves plenty of time for you to enjoy some of the home brewed beer.

  • Biannual GMM

    Dear member,

    We would like to invite you to the Biannual General Meeting of Members (GMM) of BeeVee. The GMM will take place on Wednesday the 9th of October 2019. The GMM will start at 16:30 h and you are free to enter the room from 16:00 h. The GMM will start in LIN4 at 16.30h and around 17.30h we will move the GMM to HG00.307 where it will last until a maximum of 21.30h. We want to apologize for the two different locations, but it was the only to hold the GMM on this date. The pre-GMM will be on Wednesday the 25th of September from 12.30h until 13.30h in HG00.304.

    During the GMM, the 34th board of BeeVee will discuss the past half year with the ‘Biannual Report’ and the ‘Financial Biannual Report’. The ‘Minutes of the Change-GMM’ and the ‘Minutes of the interim-GMM’ will be discussed. Also, the Lustrum Committee Anno 2020 (LuCA2020) will be presented and there will be a vote on the immediate extension of this ad-hoc committee. In addition, the ‘Covenant of sustainability’ will be presented and there will be a vote on the proposal ‘Partly transfer of BOS budget 2019 to 2020’.

    The GMM-documents are now available on the website.

    We would like to see you at the Biannual GMM!

  • Change of Chairmen

     It is time for the chairmen to change. We want to thank last years' chairmen and wish the new committee chairmen the best of luck! We hope that you are coming to join us on the 10th of October at 21.00h in cafe Malle Babbe to do so. See you then!

  • Break Lecture: anti-self response in autoimmunity

    Dear all,

    It’s time for Symci’s first event of the year! At tuesday the 15th of october prof. dr. Ger Pruijn will give a lunch lecture about autoimmune diseases. The lecture will focus on antibodies found in myositis, an autoimmune disease characterised by inflammation and degeneration of skeletal muscles.

    Sounds good? Come join this lecture for free in HG00.307 from 12:15 till 13:15, October 15th.
    Since this is a break lecture, a delicious lunch can’t be missed. For only 2 euro’s we will provide one for you! Sign up before the 14th of October via the BeeVee website or send a mail to

    More about the lecture:

    The anti-self response in autoimmunity
    A reaction of the immune system to the body’s own components is observed in many autoimmune diseases. This is associated with the production of autoantibodies, which are often disease-specific. Myositis is an autoimmune disease that is characterized by inflammation of skeletal muscles and muscle degeneration. Several autoantibodies have been identified in myositis and most of these can be used to classify patients into subgroups with distinct clinical features. For example, autoantibodies to cN-1A (a protein) are frequently found in patients with ‘inclusion body myositis’. Ger Pruijn will discuss the discovery of these autoantibodies, the identification of their target protein, their diagnostic value, and the question why immunological tolerance to the cN-1A protein in these patients is lost.

  • Drop it like it's Hop borrel

    The leaves are falling and the weather is getting drearier again, everybody knows what that means: the month of beer has finally begun. Never at any other time in the year does this liquid gold taste so good as in October. We as PRAC know all the better and therefore want to invite you to PRAC's Drop it like it's Hop borrel to celebrate this malty eau-de-vie. As you could guess, we will give a special attention to Hop. We will do this by offering you a few craft beers focused on Hop from which your taste buds will explode of delight! They will be announced later on in the coming weeks on the facebook event, so keep a close eye! Of course we will also sell the regular pils beer, wine, soda's and our broodje knak. The borrel will take place at 16:30 at the 15th of October in the North Canteen at the Huygens, I hope you all drop by!


  • Board interest lunch

    Are you interested in doing a board year within BeeVee? And would you like to have more information about it? Come to the board interest lunch! Everyone from the board will be present to answer all your questions. As we are into sustainiblity, we don't like to waste food, so when you would like to have lunch, please mail to before October 16th when you want to have some lunch. Don't hesitate to come when you want to be informed by us.

    Love, the board

  • General Meeting Study trip Scotland

    Are you excited to join the study trip to Scotland this year? But you don’t know what to expect? Come to the General Meeting of this year’s study trip! During this meeting, we will give you a general impression of what our annual study trip is like. It will be a short meeting during the break on the 17th of October from 12:30 until 12:45 in HG 00.062. We hope to see you there!

  • Old Dutch Games

    The Dutch are well known for a lot of things, for example their cheese and dykes. But a thing that the Dutch are less known for, is the wide variety of (weird) games we play here. Have you ever tried shitting a nail into a beer bottle, tried catching an apple under water or hung on to a pair of jeans for as long as possible? Now is your time to try!

    On the 17th of October, VACUOLES will be organizing their Old Dutch Games! The activity will take place in the North Street of the Huygens building, and will start at 16:30. Can't start yet then? Don't worry, you can always join in later! When you begin you will receive a scorecard, and the aim of the evening is to score as high as possible on every game, which would make you the final real Dutchie!

    The ticketsale for the activity will be from Monday the 7th until Friday the 11th. Look at the poster where the sale will take place, as we have to switch rooms quite a lot of times! The tickets are 0,50 and include the games and a lot of Dutch snacks like stroopwafels and drop! You can also order food (just like at the borrel) when you buy your ticket.

    We hope to see you there!

  • Theme biologists' evening

    It is time for the first theme biologists' evening of the year! This time it will be all about Harry Potter for the otters! At this evening, we will sell shots for €2.50 from which €0.50 will go to ARK, our lovely charity! We will also hand out 50 Knaek cards to the first 50 members. So dress up as Harry or an otter and come join us at the 17th of October in Malle Babbe!

  • Board games

    On Friday the 18th of October we will organise an afternoon to play games. This is a perfect occasion to chill and hang out with your fellow biologists. If you are staying in Nijmegen for the weekend this is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. We will provide some snacks, lemonade and games, but feel free to also bring some yourself. SPIn is also present to play games with you! Hopefully we will see you there!

  • Study break

    Are you tired of studying for your exams and in need of a break? Come join the board for a nice cup of coffee or tea! Turn those tears of sadness and stress into tears of joy from eating cookies. We will be in the north canteen from 09:00 until 14:00 on Friday the 25th of October with the kettle on. See you there!

  • NEC Studentgame

    Dear Member of BeeVee

  • Study together session

    Hello everyone!
    Although studying can be hard at times, we from ABO will make it lighter for you with our Study together session. You can come to HG 00.075 between 11:45 and 17:00 on the 28th of October together with your peers to study, while we provide free coffee, tea, cookies and even hot chocolate!
    For first years we arranged for a student assistant to come for Evolution and Development of Plants, in case you have any questions that are still unanswered.

    From ABO, Hope to see you there!

  • LSD party

    Have you been studying hard for the exams, staying in the library until 10 o’clock? Then you must be very tired of studying. Luckily, SPIn has your back with a relaxing activity! Come and join us at the LSD-party (short for LAN & Games Day) where you can play Mario Kart, Just Dance and Smash! The LSD-party will be held on the 5th of November in the North Canteen from 16:30 till 20:30. There will be a PS3, Nintendo DS’s and multiple Switches, with various games for each of the consoles. However, don’t hesitate to bring your own multiplayer game, or your own Nintendo DS, as we can only provide so much handhelds for everyone. And something special this year: we will be organising a Smash tournament! You can sign up for the tournament on the LSD-party for free. The best dueller will win a prize!
    We will provide free lemonade, cotton candy and crisps, and beer is only 60 cents! Don’t forget to bring cash money. Also, we have a little donation pot for BeeVee’s charity, ARK for the otters.

    This year we'll be selling pizzas for 5 euros! If you don't like pizza, that's okay too, we got you covered. You can order something via this form, please only fill this in if you know you can join the LSD party for dinner. Payment can be done on the LSD party itself, via pin or cash.

    We hope to see you all there!

  • Craft Beer Tasting

    With the weather becoming worse, it is time for autumn again. Autumn means gathering together, sitting cozy together. On the next activity this will happen, and accompanied with that several craft beers (including snacks!) will be served! The VACUOLES Craft Beer Tasting will take place on November 6th from 19:30-22:30 in 'Wijnhandel 'In de Blauwe Druif''. For only 11.50 euros you can enjoy this lovely evening! The ticket sale will take place in the breaks of October 18th, 21st and 22nd in the 1-hallway.

  • Open Mic

     As the sun sets early, all different talents of BeeVee arise on the stage during our OPEN MIC! At 20:00, the 13th of November, Kultuur wants to welcome you all at Café Trianon, to enjoy the performances or take your spot on the stage! (you can still sign up till the 7th of November!) Bands, comedians, acoustic gitar, it is bound to be an amazing night! See you there!

    P.S. Bring some cash to pay for drinks!

  • Olympus First year party

    Especially for all first year students, Olympus organizes the first year party! A party organized by first year students for first year students! Of course, non-first year students are welcome as well. This year's party's theme will be Carnaval, after all, the party will take place two days after 11/11. The party will take place at café NEXT Level Nijmegen and will start at 11:00 pm. Everybody will receive a welcome shot and at 12:00 pm a couple of free beers will be placed on the bar! If you come dressed up you will even receive an extra free drink! Entrence is only €1,- per person. The beer and shot of the day will both be €1,50! Take all your fellow first year students and hopefully we will see you the 13th of November!

    The first year student committee of Olympus!

  • Pintroduction Borrel

    The first exam period has passed and I hope that everybody passed the exams very well. Now, again, we can SOG our time away on netflix and party again like every week is the Orientation week! To help you a little getting back into the orientation week vibes PRAC and BOC have joined forces to organize the (Pint)roduction borrel! During the borrel, BOC will hand out the long-awaited Memorientation DVD made by DIAFRAGMA! For a preview you can see the trailer here . So come in your Orientation T-shirt with your whole orientation group and let your yells echo through the North Canteen so everyone remembers again which orientation group were the most fierce and die-hard party animals during that week! To make it even better PRAC will also sell beer-mugs so, as we say in dutch, start the PULLEN VULLEEE maar! Keep in mind, we only have a limited amount of pints so be on time! Beer/wine will be 0,60, sodas 0,30 and our beloved broodje knak 0,50.
    I hope we will see all you of you the 20th of November at 16:30 in the North Canteen!

  • Ice skating

    Dear biologists,

    Since the clock has been set an hour earlier and the weather is turning colder, some of us are really feeling the winter vibes. That is why ATP is organizing a very applicable activity; we are going ice skating!! So gather your friends and join us on the 21st of November for an active night of fun. We will start at 20:00. Are you afraid you can't find the skating rink or you just enjoy company? ATP will bike with you at 19:15, and we gather at the front of the Huygens building. The ticket sale will take place from the 11st of November till the 15th, and a ticket will cost €4,00. If you have your own skates, please do bring them! Renting skates is for your own costs.
    We hope to see you all there!


  • Presale canvas bags

     Dear members,

    Last week, the winning design for the canvas bags, made by Lisa Louws, was presented during the borrel. That means that the presale for this brand-new BeeVee merchandise will start tomorrow! This week, we will be selling the bags on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in hallway 1 during the break. A bag will cost €4,50 and for each bag sold €0,20 will be donated to BeeVee’s charity ARK. You can pay cash or by card. Be quick because there is a limited stock!

    With love,
    The 34th board

  • Second Information Meeting Scotland

    Dear biologists,

    The second information meeting of the annual BOS-trip will take place soon! We will visit Scotland this academic year during the May holidays (April 27th until May 2nd). We will give a presentation in which will tell you more about our program, the places we will visit and an estimation of the costs during the meeting. It will take place during the break of November 26th (12:30-13:30) in HG 00.062.

    In addition to a presentation, the registrations will also open immediately afterwards. This meeting is therefore crucial if you would like to join the trip, so be sure to be there if you want to participate! You will have to fill in a contract in order to register, which will become available on the BeeVee site ( ) as a download immediately after our presentation.

    IMPORTANT: You have to print and fill in the contract in duplicate in order to register. Both have to be signed by both yourself and a board member. Also: don’t forget two copies of a valid travel document (so passport or ID-card), otherwise your registration will not be accepted! Your driver’s license will not be accepted as a valid travel document. Lastly, don’t forget to bring your debit card, because your bank account number will be checked by a board member.

    There will be board members present after the presentation for the remainder of the break to sign your contracts in HG00.062, but you can do this another time in the board room as well. But beware that there are limited spots available and we accept registrations on a first-come first-serve basis, so be there on November 26th if you’re sure you want to join us to Scotland!

    We hope to see you there!



  • Poolparty

    Dear (marine) Biologists,
    As fall approaches, Beevee, Sigma and Marie Curie are preparing for a historic event. The three
    associations will be hosting their first joined Poolparty! Wash away the autumn cold with the warm
    luxury of an indoor pool!
    To be very clear, we start with a few strict rules for this event; READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY!
    - You’re only able to enter the Poolparty between 20:00 – 21:00. So be on time!
    - The party will end at 00:30.
    - Because of the privacy of our guests, we don’t want any phones around the Poolparty. You need to
    keep them into the lockers. (bring one euro for a locker, maybe share this with a friend, they are big
    - It’s not allowed to dive or run at any time.
    - When you break any objects, all costs will be for you.
    - A shower is required before entering the pool.
    - Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area.
    - There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding bringing alcohol/drugs/food and anything made of glass.
    There will be a bag check at the entrance.
    - The guests are expected to be sober at the start of the party. Whenever it’s noticed that someone is
    drunk, they will be refused to enter the party.
    - Whenever someone is too drunk/ being a nuisance for the organization, they will be removed from
    the party.
    - We advise you to wear flip flops! The floor will be wet, and it will be very slippery.
    - It is allowed to bring your own small inflatable objects!
    - You can only pin at the Poolparty!
    Now, it’s time for some practical information;
    The Poolparty will be held on the 28th of November at the Planetenstraat 65, 6543 VW Nijmegen.
    Once more, you can only enter the party between 20:00 and 21:00 so be on time!
    There is an option to buy some coins in advance, you will receive these coins at the beginning of the
    Poolparty! You can exchange one coin for a drink or some snacks. So for example, when you buy 10
    coins you can exchange this for 8 beers and two snacks. We strongly advise to buy some coins
    beforehand, because there are only two cardreaders at the Poolparty. If everyone must buy their
    coins, there will be a very long queue! The price per coin is €2,00!

    Tickets for Beevee/Sigma/Marie Curie members: €7/ with 3 coins €13/ with 5 coins €17
    Tickets for non-members: €8/ with 3 coins €14/ with 5 coins €18

    You’re able to buy tickets from the 4th of November until the 8th of November. Tickets can be
    bought during the ticketsale in the breaks. (Location HG00.108 all week!). Bring a studentcard with
    your member sticker.
    After this big load of information and serious business, we are very excited to organize our first
    edition of the Poolparty!
    We hope to see you all there! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Send us a p.m.!

    Lots of love,
    Beevee, Sigma, (Marie Curie)

  • Fossil Tour

    The oldest town of the Netherlands, our student home, has so much to offer! De Bastei, located at the Waalkade, shows us the history of this town with special focus on the river De Waal. They have a collection of 100.00 archeological objects! If you join us to De Bastei on Sunday the 1st of December, you will see some of these magical findings. We will gather at De Bastei around 13h to first start a unique guided tour in the depot of De Bastei. Afterwards there will be plenty of time to visit the museum. You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Come and get your ticket for this unique experience!

    Ticketsale: From November 18th - 22nd during the breaks in HG00.114
    Price: €7,-

    For students with a Museumkaart, access to the museum will be free, in this case you only have to pay costs for the guided tour (€2,-).


  • The Photo Comic Workshop!

    Hoi hoi dear biologists,

    The time has come for DIAFRAGMA and MOTjE et Al. To collaborate for an epic activity: The Photocomic Workshop! On the evening of the 2nd of December, you and perhaps also your friends will get to make your own comic pages after a delicious dinner for only €2. There will be a small "ticketsale" for the dinner on the 28th and 29th in the break in HG00.114. Should you not be able to make it send us an email. ( 

    The winning comic will be featured in the upcoming MOTjE, so it’s your time to shine! The dinner starts at 18:00 in the South Canteen, around 19:00 we will move to HG00.029 for the workshop itself.

    If you want to join this once in a life time activity you can sign up via the BeeVee website with the enroll button under the activity.

    Hope to see you all there!

  • Diner Rouler

    Twelve teams of cooks will make a meal for a group of "eaters". Four teams will make a starter, four teams a main dish and four teams will make a dessert. Each group of "eaters" will go to three different teams of cooks. In the end the group of "eaters" have had a starter, main dish and dessert.

  • Christmas Movie

    It's the season to be jolly, falalala! And that's why Kultuur is spreading some Christmas Spirit! Lay back and come watch Elf together with us on the 9th of December at 18:30! You can come for free, where we'll make sure you'll be into the right mood for the holidays with lots of tea, hot choco or glühwein. You can also join dinner beforehand at 17:30 for only €2 in the South Canteen! If you want to sign up, login on the site and click the "Enroll" button above.


  • Pool Competition

    The weather outside is slowly but surely getting worse and worse. What does this mean? Winter is upon us again! During winter, everyone thinks of Sinterklaas, Christmas, snow and hot chocolate, but if that's all you're thinking of, you forget one very important thing! VACUOLES annual Pool Competition!

    Did you win last year and are you ready to defend your title, was last years competition a bit of a bummer for you and do you want revenge on the team that defeated you or are you a new team that wants to show their skills against the more experienced teams? Then come join us this year!

    On the 11th of December, VACUOLES will organize the Pool Competition. This competition will be held at the House of Billiards and the first round will start at 20:00h and the walk-in will start at 19:30h. You can sign up in pairs and the tickets will cost you only €1.50 (per person) for this amazing evening! You can claim your ticket during the breaks of the 2nd of December in HG00.108 and on the 3rd until the 6th in HG00.114. It's smart to bring cash for drinks to the evening itself, as you are not able to pay by card in the room we will be playing in.

    We hope to see you there!

  • BeestFeest: Winter Wonderland

    The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. There is no need to be upset about this, because shorter days means longer nights! We will use these long nights to the best of our abilities with the new BeestFeest we have in store for you: the Winter Wonderland edition! Join us to enjoy a long night of singing and dancing on all the magical songs about the winter. Let's transform Doornroosje into a magical place together.
    Join us on the 12th of December in Doornroosje, and remember: you can’t get cold if you don’t stop dancing!
    Tickets will be 3,00 for members and 3,50 for non-members

  • FYC's Cupcakes for Charity

    From the remainder of the budget, FYC will make cupcakes. These will be sold at hallway 1 for only one euro. All the profit goes to the charity of BeeVee: ARK natuurontwikkeling.


  • Booklecture Stephan van Duin

    Christmas holidays are almost here thus Symci will be organizing its last activity for the year during the break of 18 December. Stephan van Duin discusses surprising facts, special animals, weird phenomena, socially relevant topics and misconceptions in his books ‘Biology & reproduction in bed, on the toilet or in bath’. On the 18th he will give a special book lecture about these two book in HG00.303! To already get into the cozy Christmas vibes, Symci will take care of free cookies and hot chocolate. The only thing you have to do is be there and bring your own mug.

    Ps: although the books won’t be sold during the lecture itself they might be a nice Christmas gift for yourself or someone else :)

  • Christmasborrel

    Hello fellow biologists!

    Christmas is coming and that means the legendary christmasborrel as well!! 
    Although it is not very snowy yet, the Christmas spirit will not be missing at this wonderful activity! Our DJ’s certainly get you into the Christmas vibe with some nice music and of course our yearly What the Heck is this Track competition! Moreover, ABO will provide us with some delicious snacks and at 17:45 ABO will present the Education Awards of 2019, after which you can continue the borrel with some FREE glühwein. To top it off, the board will present us the candidate board of 2020 who’ll manage us for the next year! Beer and wine will only be €0,50 and soda €0,20. You will all be welcome at 16:00 on the 18th of December in the south street!

    HO HO HOpe to see you all there!

  • Sign up for the 48th Batavierenrace!

    : Hi fellow BeeVee members! Have you thought of some good intentions for this year? Do you want to work out more this year than you did past year? We got something for you then!
    ATP is organizing a team named bellis perennis for the annual Batavierenrace. For the ones that do not know what this is, the Batavierenrace is a relay running race which is organized by students for students. Teams of 25 persons will run a total of 175 km, starting in Nijmegen and ending in Enschede. After the race there will be a fabulous party at the campus of the university of Twente, where you will spend the night in tents with your teammates! Does this sound good to you? The Batavierenrace will take place from the 1st till the 3th of May 2020 and you can sign up for the Bellis Perennis team by sending an email to In this email mention your name, student number, whether you have a subscription to the Radboud Sport Centre, whether you have a student OV, your shirt size and your preferred running distance (between 3,5 km and 11 km).
    You can send an email between the 6th of February 12pm and the 12th of February 23:59pm!! When more than 25 people sign up there will be a lottery on the 14th of February during the break.
    So sign up for some fun and sportive days!!

    Lots of love,
    The ATP

  • Study together session

    Hey everyone!

    As every quarter ABO organises their study together session in which you can study together with your peers, to make sure you will pass your exams. And meanwhile we provide free coffee, tea and cookies. You can find us in HG00.075 from 9:00 to 15:00 on the 13th of January!

    As well as being able to study, we have also provided a student assistant for Genetics and Cellular Biochemistry, in case your still have question unanswered. Help for Cellular Biochemistry will be from 13:00.

    Hope to see you there!


  • Study break

    Need a break from studying? Come to the study break Monday the 20th of January in the North canteen from 09.00 till 12.15 h! We provide free cookies, tea and coffee, and you can fill in your course surveys. Also, this is the What The Heck Is This FAC?, which means all committees that are looking for new members will be present! So if you consider joining one, come take a look!

  • Pre-GMM

    The Change GMM is coming up, and so is the pre-GMM. Here we pre-discuss the GMM documents. You are welcome in HG00.304 from 12:30h until 13:15h. You can find all the documents on the site

  • Mentor sign up

    Hii everyone! The time has finally come, you can sign up as a mentor for the orientation of 2020!!! So gather a group and prepare for the most fun week you will ever have!!


  • Bio Top 40

    You know what it feels like: every year when the Top 2000 songs are announced you feel the excitement. What’s will the list be this year? What track is going to be in first place? Except it isn’t exciting, because you already know what song is going to be at the number one spot: Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s been the same, year in, year out. But what if it was possible to vote for a, let’s say, a different kind of music list. One were your vote really does matter!
    Well, you don’t have to wait any longer! Presenting the Bio Top 40 by SPIn, a revolutionary concept where you get to pick your top 5 favourite songs, which we will combine into a brilliant list of music!
    So what are you waiting for? Send in your top 5 favourite songs between 3-16 February in this form and you might just hear your favourites at the next borrel. If you can prove you’ve voted for the Bio Top 40, you can even earn a Bio Top 40 sticker! Good luck with getting your favourite songs in the list and see you at the borrel!

  • BeeVee dinner

    Description activity: It is time for the annual BeeVee dinner! This year, it will take place on the 3rd of February and start at 17:30h in the URD. For only 5 euros you can enjoy a lovely dinner with, among others, your favourite (candidate) board members, FAC chairs and FAC treasurers. During this dinner, the total amount of the donation for ARK will be revealed. Also, the new charity of 2020 will be announced.
    Make sure to buy your tickets December 16th, 17th, 19th and 20th in the break. After the Christmas holiday, there will be another ticketsale in the breaks of the 6th until the 10th of January. Tickets cost 5 euros for members and 10 euro for non-members, including two drinks.
    The first week of the ticketsale is your last chance to donate anything to ARK. If you buy your tickets and donate after the Christmas holiday, the donation will go to the new charity (which is only revealed at the dinner itself).
    Bring all your friends and we hope to have a lovely diner with you!

  • Change GMM

    Description activity: Dear member,

    We would like to invite you to the Change General Meeting of Members (GMM) of BeeVee. The GMM will take place on Wednesday the 5th of February 2020. The GMM will start at 16:30 h and you are free to enter the room from 16:00 h. The GMM will start in CC1 at 16.30h and it will last until a maximum of 21.30h. The pre-GMM will be on Wednesday the 25th of September from 12.30h until 13.30h in HG00.304.

    During the GMM, the 34th board of BeeVee will discuss the past year by going through the 'Annual Report' and the 'Financial annual report'. Also, we want to propose changes to the 'Alcohol and drugs policy'. Furthermore, there will be a vote on the new contract with Dekker vd Vegt B.V., the new contract with Medipharchem and the 'C&CZ processor agreement'. The 35th candidate board of BeeVee will present their 'Policy plan' and there will be a vote on the budget of 2020. Finally there will be a vote on the charge of the 35th candidate board and the discharge of the 34th board.

    Lastly, this GMM there will be again the possibility to nominate a member to become an honoray member. This nomination must be submitted by three members that are present during the GMM and can be notified beforehand to the board.

    If you cannot attend the GMM, you are able to authorise a member of BeeVee by emailing to the secretary of BeeVee (, stating who you want to authorise. One member can be authorised by two members.
    The GMM documents are now available on the website.

    We would like to see you at the Change GMM!

  • Sign up for the 48th Batavierenrace!

    Hi fellow BeeVee members! Have you thought of some good intentions for this year? Do you want to work out more this year than you did past year? We got something for you then!
    ATP is organizing a team named bellis perennis for the annual Batavierenrace. For the ones that do not know what this is, the Batavierenrace is a relay running race which is organized by students for students. Teams of 25 persons will run a total of 175 km, starting in Nijmegen and ending in Enschede. After the race there will be a fabulous party at the campus of the university of Twente, where you will spend the night in tents with your teammates! Does this sound good to you? The Batavierenrace will take place from the 1st till the 3th of May 2020 and you can sign up for the Bellis Perennis team by sending an email to In this email mention your name, student number, whether you have a subscription to the Radboud Sport Centre, whether you have a student OV, your shirt size and your preferred running distance (between 3,5 km and 11 km).
    You can send an email between the 6th of February 12pm and the 12th of February 23:59pm!! When more than 25 people sign up there will be a lottery on the 14th of February during the break.
    So sign up for some fun and sportive days!!

    Lots of love,
    The ATP

  • Temptation Weiland Party

    Hello dearest party lovers! Fc is here to present the 'Temptation weiland' themed party on the 6th of February in the club 'Next Level' . Enjoy yourselves like the candidates in a popular dutch show Temptation Island and even more!! because this party sets you in farmlike(=weilandlike) surrounding! So bring your farmers jeans and boots and show us that sexy AND farmer side in you!
    We are excited to see you there!

  • FYCupid Valentine Roses

     FYC will sell roses with a card. On this card you can write a nice message for your valentine. We will deliver them to you on Valentines Day.

  • WinterBBQ and Speeddates

    Ticketsale: 03-02 / 07-02
    It is almost -time for Ac’s yearly speeddate activity. This year we like to invite you for our grill-tastic WinterBBQ. We are going to prepare a delicious BBQ for you while you can focus on your future career. Alumni will be joining our WinterBBQ to tell you all about their careers and how they got there. There will be 3 rounds of speeddates separated by a ‘course’ of the BBQ, so you'll have the opportunity to talk to 3 alumni and afterwards you can walk to any alumni that you haven’t talked to if you have questions for this specific person. You can get your tickets from 02-02 till 07-02 during the break in room 00.114. Hope to see you all there!

  • Animal lab tour

    Always been curious where and how the animal experiments at the Radboud University take place?
    Now you have the opportunity to see how mice, rats and Co. are housed and handled in the Animal Research facility! Guided by an experienced researcher, you will get to know the do’s and don’ts’ of working with animals.
    At the 18th of February, we meet at the pendulum in the Huygensbuilding at 12:15 and will be back at 13:15. There are only limited places available, so be sure to sign in quick via the BeeVee website!

    Note, that you shouldn’t be in contact with rodents or animals fed with (dead) rodents within 36 hours before the tour!

  • First aid workshop

    After a long night at the Malle Balle, fulfilled with joy and happiness, you decide it’s time to go home. You pick up your bike and prepare yourself for a cold and swirly trip home. Once you have arrived, you walk into the kitchen to chug some glasses of water, when you see your roommate lying unconscious on the kitchen floor…
    What to do?!? Or even more important, what not to do?!?
    On the 18th of February, Ricardo Soekhoe is going give an interactive First Aid workshop about putting on bandages, the (maybe not so) well-known stable side-position, choking, reanimation (demo) and more!
    The workshop starts around 18:30 in HG00.108 and costs €3. The ticket sale is from 10-02 up and until 14-02 in HG00.108. You can eat with us in advance at 17:30 in the north canteen for €2.
    Please note we have only limited places available for this workshop so be quick! Secondly, please note that the workshop is not an official First Aid course and won’t give you an official certificate.
    Hope so see you there!


  • End of the 10's Borrel

    Dear biologists!
    Finally, after a long break we are back and we’re on the edge of our barstools to organize our first borrel of the new decennium! A lot has already happened since new year and I think we could already say that we are back in the roaring 20’s. I hope all of you still keep strong to your new year’s resolutions, because I already failed… (how surprising). However, we would like to use this opportunity to look back at all the amazing things the last decennium has brought us at our End of the 10’s Borrel. The rise of smartphones, the gift of Gangnam Style and the invention of CRISPR-cas9 genome editing are only few of the things that changed our world during the 10’s. To fuel your nostalgia filled conversations we will also play SPiN’s biotop40! Beer/wine will be €0,60 and soda’s €0,30 as usual. Moreover, we will also sell several alcohol-free beer for €0,70 and our beloved broodje Knak and broodje cheese are back for €0,50! I hope to see you all the 20th of February in the south canteen from 16:30 to catch up on the past few weeks!


  • The grass is always greener at Malle Babbe - Theme biologist evening

    Come and party with the 35th board at their first Theme biologist evening! The grass is always greener at Malle Babbe! There will be a free fust! Also, you can win a Bucket or a shot by grabbing a ball from the ball pit for only €2.50. You are even doing a good deed with this, because €0.50 will go to our new charity: Metakids!
    We hope to see you there and come in garden themed clothes if you dare!


  • Culture Casino Night

    Hello biologists! On the 2nd of March, the Casino Night will be organised again by FYC. This year, it will be a Culture Casino, because you will be visiting seven different countries throughout the night in the form of seven casino games. This activity will be organised in the Basement of 3 Gezusters. Doors will open at 19.30 and the games will start at 20.00!
    Are you interested in this global gambling night? Register in teams of 2 by sending an email to in the period of 24-02 up to and including 28-02. Include the names of both team mates in this email. You will be battling against many other duos during this exciting evening!

  • Sustainability symposium

    The most important letter of Sustainability is the A of Action! How do you, companies and the government deal with this? ABO and Symci organize a symposium about sustainability on march 3rd. On this inspiring evening you will learn about the different aspects of sustainability, such as how companies cope with their footprint, how you can be more sustainable and about cool initiatives! This evening is organized together with Mundus, the study association of Geografie, Planologie and Milieu en Enactus, the student association for social and sustainable entrepeneurship. Before the symposium begins we will eat together with food from Cafetaria de Fest. You can chooze if you want to eat with and what you want to eat. Do this via the website and make sure you log in to the website to select your food choices. You can do this until 01-03

    Time schedule:
    18:00 - 19:00 Dinner
    19:00 - 19:55 Lecture
    20:00 - 20:50 Workshop
    21:00 - 22:00 Lecture

  • Egg Decorating with Kultuur

    People can send in their decorating egg pictures from 12:00 on the 11th of April till 12:00 on the 14th of April. After sending in your egg, Kultuur will make a top 3 of the most beautiful eggs, which will receive a price (after COVID-19)!!

  • The sound of BeeVee: quarantaine edition

    To help us all through the quarantine times, SPIn organises a new rendition of the sound of BeeVee. With the theme "quarantine", each day a new sound will be uploaded in the morning and you will have to guess what the sound is! Everybody can participate via this link. Simply play the sounds and let us know via the website form. Fill the form in every day and do not forget to leave your name. At the end of the week, SPIn will see which person had the most answers right. The winner receives a mystery prize!

  • MOTjE et Al.'s adventure story!

    This activity is a fun little story you can read, with an open ending. You, the reader, can fill in the poll, which will determine the future of our protagonist. Whichever option gets the most votes will determine what happens next. Choose wisely!


  • BeeVee's Birthday Brownie Delivery

    On the 25th of April it is the Dies Natalis (birthday) of BeeVee. BeeVee will celebrate its 35th birthday and thereby its 7th lustrum! The board wants to celebrate this with you by eating brownies together, at a safe distance, from home! We will deliver the homemade brownies at your home in Nijmegen on either the 24th or 25th of April.
    If you want to celebrate our birthday with us by getting a free brownie, fill in the form below!
    Note: it is on a first come, first serve base! You will get a conformation beforehand, that you will receive a brownie and on which day we will come by.
    You have until the 22nd of April to apply for a free brownie via this link!

  • BeeVee's Birthday Quiz

    As you all know, BeeVee turns 35 this year! To still celebrate this astonishing age, the board will organise a quiz about the past 35 years on our birthday, the 25th of April. This quiz will take place on the BeeVee Discord, in a channel especially made for this festivity. To participate in this sublime activity, you have to sign up in teams of 3 to 5 people before 24-04 23:59 by sending an email to with the participants and your team name. Make sure you're quick, since there is a limited amount of spaces. The quiz will start at 20.00 and we expect it to last to approximately 22.45. The winning team will receive a fantastic prize! Don't forget to join the Discord server, if you want to participate ( Also, make sure you have a good connection! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them to any of us.

  • BeeVee's stay at home taskmaster

    Inspired by the great British Tv show taskmaster, SPIn organizes yet another great quarantine Activity.
    Beebee Stay at home Taskmaster!

    In this activity, we will give three different tasks for you to complete. Film yourself completing these tasks and we will rate your performances.The funniest, dedicated and/or most creative ones will win! For some inspiration here is an episode of the show: So do you have what it takes to become BeeVee's taskmaster, then check below for our amazing tasks you can accomplish

    Tasks will be posted on the 4th, 6th, 8th of May, with the deadline for submission being Sunday the 10th 23:59, to be sent to you can compete in as many tasks as you'd like. Although only one submission per person per task is allowed. Afterwards, the best videos will be shown on this page.

  • Stay fit with ATP

    ATP challenges you to get some exercise in for this month! 4 times a week we will upload an instructional video with workouts, trickshots, challenges and Tik Tok dances for you to try at home. Check our instagram at 10:00h on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays to view your exercise assignment for the day! (@beevee_atp)

  • Online biologists evening

    Every Thursday there is a Biologists evening where you can grab a drink, chill or dance in the Malle Babbe. As the bar is closed during these measures the Biologists evenings will be at home in the Malle Babbe channel in the discord server. So come and enjoy a night of talking together, dancing at home and listening to music together!

  • DIAFRAGMA's Quarantaine Quiz Quest

    Are you also feeling lost? Do you miss going out with your friends? Do you want to travel around the world? Then DIAFRAGMA has the perfect activity for you! We will send you to all your favorite partying places around Nijmegen and the rest of the world without ever leaving your house. In this interactive photohunt/quiz/crazy88/treasure hunt you will get a wide variety of questions (googling allowed) and assignments to perform. Play this game together with your friends (while not meeting them in person of course) on the 26th of May from 19:00-22:00 and win awesome prizes! You can sign up in teams of 4-6 people by sending an e-mail to with a team name. So please join us on DIAFRAGMA's Quarantaine Quiz Quest and register your team as soon as possible!

  • FYC online game night

    An online game tournament, with four different games. The sign up is in duos, but you will play individually.

  • Symci's Bookclub

    Are you also done with sitting behind a screen all day while the weather outside is so nice? ☀️ During the month June Symci will provide you with weekly book recommendations to enjoy in the sun and get away from all the online world for a while ???? ????
    The books will have changing topics and genres. So there will be enough choice to find the optimal book that helps you through your time in quarantine! Follow us on Instagram to be up to date with the recommendations: beevee_symci. Also make sure to check the website.

  • Recreating paintings with Household items

    Always wondered how the Mona Lisa would look like when using only stuff from the fridge? Well, now is your chance! Use your creative side and re-imagine famous paintings in a new light. Paintings can be recreated using any items you can find lying around your home except for paint and other drawing supplies (that would be too easy). You can use the paintings recreated by our members (posted on Instagram) and the Instagram-account @tussenkunstenquarantaine as inspiration! Send in your painting to: and maybe you will win the competition!

  • SPIngo Night

    Does your life feel like the life of your grandparents nowadays? Sitting inside all-day and talking about the good old days, when we all could go to the Malle Babbe every day?
    Then let this activity be the final nail in the coffin of your personal dignity, Put your scootmobiel in highest gear and race to your personal computer (ask your grandchildren on how to operate that machine). SPIn will make sure that we provide the most amazing Bingo experience of the decade. Fill in the form and don't forget to take your medication. (You may have to login to the website to enroll and see the enroll option) See you on the 8th of June.
    Please note that only professional bingo players are allowed, we wouldn't want amateurs ruining the evening for us pro players.

  • Greek Cooking Evening

    Have you been wanting to go on holiday this summer, but the coronavirus is blocking you? Sure, you can go to Greece and spend the first week in you hotel room in quarantine, but that is no fun. So that is why ABO brings the mediterranean right into your kitchen with the Greek cooking workshop!
    The 10th of June at 18:00, you can cook along ABO on discord, while we (and you) prepare some delicious food! And while you can cook along, you can also get some new inspiration for some delicious recipes. If you want to cook along, check Facebook, so you can get the ingredients beforehand.

  • Online Beer Tasting

     ???? Do you know the difference between flavour and taste?
    ???? Different types of food can alter the taste of products. This can change the flavour of beer as well! Join us in a online tasting session, in which we will guide you through this tastefull world of beer. This will be a live session, the exact programme which will be used will follow.
    You can sign up until Wednesday June 10th 12:00h, by sending an email to We will provide you with a small grocery list and instructions for the tasting. Hopefully we will see you there!

  • Study together session

    Studying can be quite hard if you are used to sitting in the library, motivated by other people working as well. That is why ABO organises an online study together session, so that you, together with fellow students can study in a quite environment. And if you have any questions, you can discuss this with other students!
    So come swing by this Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10 and 4 for some productive studying!

  • Fc Jungle Pubquiz

     Although the rules around corona are getting a little less strict and you might be popping out of your cocoon like a beautiful butterfly. We, as Fc, want to do one last amazing online activity to console you in the loss of the Jungle Party. We made a JUNGLEPUBQUIZ that you can join in groups of 2-5 This way you can use all the information you gathered, as study avoiding activities, and put them to good use!

  • ABO's Internship manuals

    Description activity: (Almost) done with your internship? Share your internship experience with us and win a 25 euro giftcard! It's very simple: just fill in this form and inspire other students in their search for an internship. Your objective internship story will be placed on the BeeVee website, where it is only accessible for members. CLICK HERE -->

  • Biologists evening 09-07

    Dear member,

  • Summer Disco Biologists evening

    The study year will soon come to an end and together with your fellow biologists you can celebrate the ending of this tumultuous year. "Where?" you might wonder. At the biologists evening of 16-07-2020, of course! This evening will have the theme "Summer Disco", so don't forget to dress up accordingly. Be sure to register on time via the website.

  • First Year's Pubquiz

    With the orientation just over, it’s time to start your actual studies. However, more often than not you will be needing time of from studying to just relax. This is where Olympus comes in. Olympus is the umbrella association for all study associations of the beta faculty. We provide activities to bring beta students from different fields in contact with each other. The first one of these activities this year will be an online pubquiz for the first years! Do you think you have what it takes to take on the other beta first years? Sign up via!

  • Committee Market

    his week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, there will be committee markets in the breaks, where you can meet all of BeeVee’s different committees! You can have a look around, chat a bit, and see if there is something you like. This is a great way to sign up for a committee and to get some extra social contacts as an added bonus! Please keep the guidelines concerning COVID-19 into consideration, so keep 1.5 meters distance at all times, and stay home if you have any symptoms! We hope to see all of you there on the grass behind the Huygens building.
    We also set up a page on the website where people who unfortunately can’t come to the physical Committee Market can look and get an idea about the committee, so they still can join a committee if they want to. You can find this page here.

  • Beachvolleybal with ATP

    Hi everyone,
    On thursday the 17th of september ATP will organise our annual beachvolleybal event ????. You can sign up individually and we can make teams on the spot.
    So have you missed our activities during the past months or are you curious about ATP? Don’t hesitate and sign up because we only have limited spots. You can sign up from 07-09 till 11-09 through a google form which will appear in the promo app and on the Facebook page on monday ????.

  • Biologists evening 17-09

    Every Thursday there will be a biologists evening.
    If you want to come and you are healthy, you have to reserve a spot. There are only 24 places in total, on the terracw. 
    Remember to log into the website to be able to see the "enroll" button. We hope to see many of you in the coming biologists evening. Don't forget you membership cards to get the discounts on your drinks.

  • Origami and Mandala's Workshop

    Want a relaxing break from all your online lectures and studygroups? Join Kultuur's workshop in Goffert Park and show your creative side! The workshop will start at 19:00 and you can sign up via this form.

  • Pre GMM

    During this pre-GMM, the 35th board of BeeVee will discuss the documents on which will be voted during the biannual GMM. These include the 'Adjusted budget for 2020', the 'LuCA2020 extension request' and the 'Social media guidelines'. If you have any questions about other documents, you can always add these to the agenda at the start of the meeting.

  • Biologists evening 25-09

    Every Thursday there will be a biologists evening.
    If you want to come and you are healthy, you have to reserve a spot. There are only 24 places in total, on the terracw. 
    Remember to log into the website to be able to see the "enroll" button. We hope to see many of you in the coming biologists evening. Don't forget you membership cards to get the discounts on your drinks.

  • Bring your own Biergarten

    Do you want to drink beer and eat bratwurst? Then the Olympus Bring your own Biergarten is perfect for you! This year you'll have to bring your own beer so we can better keep to the corona guidelines from the RIVM. But this also means that you can join this wonderful sausage fest for only €3! So bring some beer, a cloth to sit on and your friends and sign up via

  • Biannual GMM

    During the GMM, the 35th board of BeeVee will discuss the past half year by going through the 'Biannual Report' and the 'Financial biannual report'. Also, we want to propose the ‘Social media guidelines’ on which there will be a vote. Furthermore, there will be a vote on the new budget for 2020 and the LuCA2020 extension. Additionally, prior to the ‘Biannual Report’ the document ‘Lustrum decision’ will be discussed.

  • Excursion to the Millingerwaard

    On Saturday October 10th, VACUOLES and Ac together organize an excursion. The excursion will be given by ARK NATURE, an organization which realizes robust nature areas where nature is allowed to take its course as much as possible. This provides a great wealth of landscapes, plants and animals. On October 10th we will take a look at their project in the Millingerwaard. We will have the excursion from 10:30 till around 13:00. During this activity, students have a chance to talk to alumni about their study and career! You can either go there yourself, or cycle with us from Nijmegen Central Station at 9:00. The excursion will be free, but be sure to take some lunch with you for during the excursion. We will arrange some drinks.

Couple the BeeVee Calnder to your own via this link.