• Party animals

    Party animals gather around!!

  • Day trip to Kranenburg (DE)

    Hello BeeVee!

  • ABO's Triple Workshop Extravaganza

    Hello BeeVee,

    ABO is inviting you to the first ever triple workshop extravaganza; The only workshop you’ll need! In only one afternoon you will have the chance to experience 2 out of the following 3 activities: a “Greek for Science” scavenger hunt where you’ll use your anatomy knowledge to search for clues in the Huygens building (and win a prize), a JASP workshop by the legend himself Peter Klaren, and the old but gold “How to Student” workshop for all of you who still feel lost when it comes to student life.

    To join this extravagant workshop, you can swing by wing 5 on 19,20 and 22/9 during the break where you can sign up for 2 out of the 3 workshops and sign up for dinner, all for the price of only 2€!

    See you all on 3/10 at 17:30 in the Giga Bite!

  • General Members Meeting (GMM)

    Dear members,

    On the 5th of October, the General Members Meeting will take place. This bi-annual GMM will be held from 16:30 until 21:30, in HG00.304. You can walk in from 16:00 onwards. We hope to see you there!

    If you cannot attend the GMM, you can authorise another member to vote for you. One member can be authorized twice.

    During this GMM, the GMM documents will be discussed and the 37th candidate board will present their policy plan. You can find the documents here

  • FNWI lustrum

    This year, our faculty turns 65 years old. It's time for a party! Thursday October 6th from 17:00 to 23:00 the FNWI will organize a large festival in and around the Huygens building. Every student and staff member is invited. There will be two big main-stages in the Giga-Bite canteen with an opening act, several student bands, a teacher band, a big pop/rock mashup live act, and a closing act. Other than that there will be several events and acts in the hallways, a silent disco, a theater performance, a food festival, two themed cafés hosted by students, and much more. It promises to be a huge success, just like 5 years ago.

    Open your inbox now! You should have received an invitation link (either on September 9 or September 22) from the University which you can use to sign up. When registered, you will also receive vouchers for food and a number of free drinks. You can sign up until the 30th of September, make sure you don't miss it.

    We hope to all see you there!
    With love,
    The FNWI lustrum committee

  • Back into the Rhythm - Djembé Workshop

    Hello everyone!
    After some waiting, the Kultuur Djembé evening will finally take place on the 11th of October.
    We are very excited to swing the night away with you during a 1.5h workshop from professional Djembé players. They will teach us a lot about the instrument and how to play it.
    At the end of the night, after discovering your potential Djembé talents, we will have dinner together. You can bring your own dinner or order some via the form on the website while you are there to enroll yourself for the activity. We hope to see you there!

  • Lunch Lecture

    On Thursday, 13th October in the break our first Lunch Lecture of this year takes place! The lecture takes place in HG00.303 and walk in is at 12:30. The lecture will be given by Naomi Nota of the Donders Institute and will be about “Talking faces: The contribution of conversational facial signals in language processing”. A short abstract of the Lecture can be found below. For only €2,- we will provide you with some delicious sandwiches for lunch and there will also be free coffee and tea.
    Please bring the €2,- in cash to the activity and remember to bring your own mug for hot beverages, because we want to be sustainable!
    You can sign up via the Website. Deadline to sign up for Lunch is Wednesday, 12th October at 16:00. If you don't want to order lunch, you can just walk in on the day itself without signing up.
    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

    Talking faces: The contribution of conversational facial signals in language processing
    Human communication critically rests on inferring the speaker’s communicative intent. In conversation, the most natural environment of language use, this has to happen extremely quickly, due to the fast-paced nature of speaking turn transitions. It is therefore essential to quickly understand the intended message to be able to plan a timely response. Since human face-to-face communication is inherently multimodal (consisting of speech along with visual signals), one hypothesis is that visual signals facilitate fast intent recognition. During this lecture, I will present results from research that aimed to study the contribution of visual signals of the face in language processing using corpus analyses and an experimental paradigm with VR. These results will hopefully convince you that conversational facial signals form a critical part of human communication.

  • Change Biologists Evening

    Come and see! On the 13th of October, we will thank last year's committee chairs and last year's FYC during the Change Biologists Evening in the Sjors and Sjimmie from 20:00h. During this special Biologists Evening, we will also get to know the new FYC and all the new committee chairs. So come and celebrate this evening together with your friends and support the new chairs and FYC. For this night only, we will start at 20:00h because we will al go to BeestFeest together after the changes!

  • The Bad Trip

    Are you an absolute fan of the scary season? Then VACUOLES and SPIn have a nice activity for you: The Bad Trip! During this Halloween themed activity, you will have to show your bravery while you defy the dangers of the dark forest. The Bad Trip will take place on October 17th and will start between 20:00-22:30 (depending on your group). The activity itself takes around 1 hour. You can sign up in groups of maximum 6 people. You can also sign up with less people or even alone, then we will make a bigger group for you! The ticket sale will be from 3rd to the 7th of October in wing 5 and the activity costs €2.50 p.p. Tickets will be limited however, so be quick! Your group specific time and precise location will be send to you via email after the ticket sale

  • The Hallo Cream Borrel

    Halloween is coming up and that means a lot of scary stuff and CREAM.....

  • BeeVee dice pre sale!

    Just as the new BeeVee t-shirts have recently been announced, the board has come up with a new merchandise idea. BeeVee dice! When you order these, you will be able to play all your favourite games such as Ganzenbord, Monopoly, Mexen and even more with your own BeeVee dice. To be the first to receive these dice, sign up with this Google Form. In this first round of orders, the dice will only be €1.- per piece! Be sure to check how many dice you need for your favourite game on the poster! The deadline for the pre ordering is on the 6th of November.

  • First information meeting about the study trip

    Save the date!

    BOS is working hard to prepare an exciting study trip to Czech Republic for all of you to join. Whether you are a traveling enthousiast, adventurous ecologist or curious medical biologist. We will have fun for everyone!

  • The Study Together Session

    ABO presents the first study together session of the year.

    During the study together session everyone can come together to study for the upcoming exams and enjoy free coffee, tea and cookies! There will also be teaching assistents for Evolution and Devlopment of Plants & Animals, for Statistics 1 and for Animal Physiology if you have any questions.

    Come swing by and good luck on the exams everyone!

  • ATP World Cup Pool

    With the FIFA World Cup getting nearer, it is now time to join the ATP World Cup Pool! Score points by correctly predicting matches, and win prices by scoring the most points! You will also be put in a group chat with other participants, where you can discuss the games and the tournament with fellow enthousiasts.

    Sign up via this form before 15/11 at 23:59:

  • After Exam Borrel

    The board wishes you good luck with your exams! To close off the first exam period of the academic year, the board will hold an after exam borrel on the 4th of November, from 11:00 until 14:00h, in the North Canteen. Make sure to drop by and get some coffee, tea, or cookies to make yourself stress-free again before the next quarter starts.

  • Board Borrel

    Are you interested in doing a board year, or do you not even know what a board entails? Come join the current board at the Board Borrel, where you can ask all your questions whilst also having a few drinks!

  • Diner Rouler

    Lovely people of BeeVee,

    Who doesn’t like having to put no effort into cooking but still getting to eat a delicious meal? That's why were here! FYC presents a THREE COURSE, NATIONALITY-THEMED, DINER ROULER!

    During the activity groups if first years will bike to three locations in Nijmegen and eat a starter, main and dessert of three different nationalities, prepared by groups of their fellow Biologists! In the last day of the ticketsale, students from other years can enroll as eaters too if there are available spots :)

    If you are a FIRST YEAR, this is your chance to get to eat some good food and meet new people for only 5€!
    If you are a group of three older years interested in cooking for these lovely first years?? This is your chance to show off! Hurry up and sign up via the form on the website to be one of the 8 lucky groups! (Sign up for cooks has been closed)

    The sign up for cooks is open now until the 16th of October, and the ticket sale for the first years is from the 17th until the 21st during the break in wing 5-ground floor (right outside from the board room, HG00.5..) !!!!

  • Pubcrawl

    Hey everyone!!!

  • Open Mic


  • BieVie under the Sea

    Join us next Thursday for the Theme Biologists Evening! The theme is BieVie under the Sea and we will all dress up as our favourite sea creature! Come and explore the wonderful under water world of the Sjors & Sjimmie when we go under the water. We will start at 21:00 and there will be 110 free beers! See you next Thursday!


  • Study trip 2nd information meeting

    MEGA update on the study trip to Prague!

    During the 2nd information meeting BOS will tell you about the activities, schedule, costs, and even more. Make sure to join us on this fun adventure🤗



  • Board Interest Lunch

    At the Board Interest Lunch we will give a short talk about what a board year is, what you do, and about the different functions. After that you can just hang out and ask questions if you have any. Most importantly, there will be free lunch!

  • Pool Party

    Dear Participant,
    Thank you for buying Tickets for the Poolparty of Sigma, MarieCurie and BeeVee. You and the extra tickets you have bought are personilsed and are put on a list we have.
    Please show up to the Pool party with a form to identify yourself (BeeVee card or ID) at the entrance of the Pool; you also will be given coins if you pre-ordered them.
    Entrance is only possible between 8:15 PM and 9:15 PM, so please be on time! The swimming pool will close its doors afterwards!
    The Tickets are personalized. If you need to cancel or change details, you have to reach out to this email 24h before the event starts. The tickets are non-refundable.

  • Sintroduction borrel

    The Sintroduction borrel!

  • Workshop Activity (IGNORE THIS)

  • Gala Charleston Dance Class

    ATP and Fc present the Gala Charleston Dance Class! Come and join to prepare your best moves for the Roaring 20s Gala. Charleston is the dance of the 20s, so perfectly in theme! The class will take place at the Radboud Sport Centre with 3 professional dancers. It will be on the 1st of December from 17-18h. The cost is 3 euros for members and non-members. Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity since the best dancer at the Gala will be spotted and rewarded!

  • BeeVee Charity Auction

    On the 6th of December the annual BeeVee charity auction will take place!

    During the charity auction we will be auctioning off items, and all the profits will be going to our charity: de Waddenvereniging (The mudflat association). You can sign up items you would like to auction of via the following form

    At the charity auction you can bid on all the different items that pass by, and you might be able to acquire some nice bargains whilst also helping out charity. There will also be a bar during the activity where you buy drinks.

    De Waddenvereniging is an organisation that protects the Wadden Sea, one of the Netherlands' largest ecosystems. With one subject they vigorously oppose damage to the Wadden Sea ecosystem, and with the others they initiate projects that make it more robust.

  • Gala

    Good evening old sports,

  • BeestFeest Under the Mistletoe

    Want to get into the Christmas mood? Hoping for snowfall? Or maybe looking forward to some well-earned vacation? To get you in the holiday mood BeestFeest presents Under the Mistletoe, a BeestFeest fueled by the spirit of Christmas itself!!! Ticket sale starts December 1st 13:00 at

  • VACUOLES poolcompetition

    Did you always want to show of your skills at pool? Then this is your chance. VACUOLES is organizing a poolcompetition in which you can battle others in one of your favourite barsports.

    Interested? Find a partner and buy a ticket for 4 euros p.p. from 28-11 to 2-12 at wing 5!

  • Articles of Association input meeting 1

    The ground rules of BeeVee are the Articles of Association. The 37th board is currently looking into if the Articles of Association need updating, and because this is something that concerns all members of BeeVee we would like your input.

    For this there will be two input meetings during the breaks of the 14th and the 15th of December, in HG00.071 and HG00.539 respectively. During these meetings all members of BeeVee can come and give input on what they think needs to be adjusted in the Articles of Association.

  • Christmas Movie Night and Charity Cookie Sale

    Looking forward to the holidays? Do you want to get more into the Christmas spirit? Kultuur got you covered!

  • Thank PRAC its Christmas borrel!

    Thank PRAC its Christmas borrel! The borrel where we celebrate Christmas with everyone and have the education awards! There are a lot of FREE snacks provided by ABO and FREE glühwein! Don't forget to vote for you favourite teacher.

    See you there!

  • Holly Jolly Glitter (Theme Biologist Evening)

    On the 15th of December, the Board organises the last Theme Biologist Evening of the year: Holly Jolly Glitter!

  • Symci Evening Lecture

    Have you ever wanted to go to space? Well, we can’t make that happen but we can get you close! Come join Symci’s lecture talk by Frank Verbunt about black holes to learn all about these mysterious space-phenomena (in a biologist-friendly way!). Grab you space suit and enjoy some free hot chocolate and tea while we take a deep dive into the furthest corners of our universe. You are welcome from 18:15, hope to see you there and don't forget to bring your own mug!

  • Bio Top 40

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  • Study together session

    Come and join ABO for the quarterly study together session! We will have assistance for Cellular biochemistry, Molecular biology, recombinant DNA & genetics. There will also be free coffee, tea and snacks :)

  • Pre-GMM

    On the 25th of January, the pre-General Meeting of Members will be held. The walk-in will start at 12:15h, and the pre-GMM will start at 12:30h and last until 13:30h. It will be held in HG00.303.


    Are you still looking for a committee within BeeVee or Olympus? Come to the committee market to have a chat with the committees which are still looking for new members! The committees that are still looking are: ABO, ATP, BOS, DIAFRAGMA, Fc, Kultuur, MOTjE et Al., PRAC, SPIn, Symci, VACUOLES and the committees of Olympus!


  • Beta Gala

    The Bèta Gala has returned! This is the first edition that will take place in the NEC stadium. Olympus and the Galacie hope to see you on the 31st of January and make the wintery evening a stylish one. There will be a wardrobe, as well as the possibility to get snacks.

    The ticket sale takes place from 16-1-2023 to 20-1-2023 during the break in wing 5.

  • Website survey

    Dear biologists,

  • BeeVee Dinner

    The annual BeeVee dinner returns! Come celebrate the start of the new year together with your fellow biologists, all whilst enjoying a nice table grill dinner and some drinks.

    During the BeeVee dinner we will also be auctioning off some items for charity! Check out the full list here:


  • Workshop Week

    From the 6th until the 10th of February BeeVee will organise its very first edition of the Workshop Week (WW)! During this week various biology oriented companies will organise interactive workshop sessions. The WW will be an opportune moment for both companies as well as students to get to know their possible future employees and employers, respectively.

  • Creative with Kultuur

    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    On Valentine's Day love will find you!
    To get you in the mood for this day, which will already be soon,
    Kultuur will organize a lovely and romantic activity under the bright light of the moon.
    Whether you are still looking for love or already found your soulmate,
    Celebrate love with creativity, and paint with your blinded date...

  • General Meeting of Members (GMM)

    Dear members,

    On the 8th of February, the Change General Meeting of Members will be held. This will take place in HG00.304. The walk-in will start at 16:15 onwards, and the GMM will start at 16:30, until 21:30.

    We hope to see you there! If you cannot be attend the GMM, you can authorise another member to vote for you, by sending an e-mail to One member can be authorised twice.

    The documents that will be discussed on the GMM can be found here

    With love,
    the 37th board

  • Cupidon't borrel

    Valentine's is almost around the corner and love is in the air or not? Did cupid bring you luck this year od did he miss with his arrow. The Cupidon't borrel is on the 9th of February from 16:00 till 20:30 in the North Canteen. We love to see you there!
    You can sign up for the beer relay here.

  • MMA clinic

    Do you want to be a professional mix martial arts and look as good as Elsa and Tjeu do in the photo? Come and enjoy with ATP in an MMA clinic. The price its only 2€, come and join us the 13 of February.

    You can buy your ticket from 31-01 until 03-02 at wing 5 during the break!


  • Valentine roses

    Valentine's day is around and love is in the air!

  • SPIngo

    Hey kids,

  • Symci Lunch Lecture: Love on the Brain

    With Valentine’s Day coming up have you ever wondered what is love, actually? What is infatuation? And how is this related to sex?
    These are questions that touch us deeply, and we all have our own experiences, good and bad. As Miss Piggy lamented after one of her many unanswered infatuations: “Only time can heal my broken heart, just as only time can heal your broken arms and legs." In this talk Prof. Bert Kappen from the Donders Institute will discuss these question using knowledge from human and animal studies.

    Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Then join us on February 16th from 12:30 to 13:30 in room HG00.303 with free coffee and tea! Lunch will be 2€ and can be purchased in Wing 5, they will be available from the 6th to the 10th of February!

    Hope to see you there and don’t forget to bring your own mug!


    Symci <3

  • Beestfeest

    Yar har mateys! 🏴‍☠ Are you ready for an adventure on the High seas?🌊 Then join us on February 16th for a BeestFeest wilder than the bars in Tortuga with BeestFeest: Sailing the Seven Seas!🦜 The brave first 300 mateys showing up at our harbour will receive an eye patch. 🕶
    All that pirate treasure🪙 can't go to waste ofcourse so you will be able to request songs with donations to RAGweek!! 

    The ticket sale starts at 09-02 at 13:00 via this link.

  • Parentsday

    On the 25th of February 2023, ABO will organize the anual parentsday for the Biology Bachelor!

    This is the perfect opportunity to show the people closest to you what you do in the Huygens building. The programme will consist of a full day with lectures, practicals and a tour around the Huygens building. The parentsday is completely free and there will also be plenty of free food and drinks!

    The sign-up is now open and will close on the 5th of February, so make sure you keep the 25th of February free and don't forget to invite your parents!

    If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact anyone in ABO or send an email to

  • Collab MOTjE: Dream edition

    Do you like drawing, writing, photographing, or any other form of art? If your immediate answer was ‘YES!’, MOTjE et Al. brings you a chance to showcase your pieces to fellow biologists. For the first time, we are making a ‘Collab MOTjE’ where we will include and present your artworks. A theme for this MOTjE is ‘Dream’. Let your fantasy loose but keep your artwork in the theme.

  • Pubquiz

    Always wanted to show off your knowledge about all kind of topics to your friends and others? Then VACUOLES has the perfect activity for you: the Pubquiz! During this pubquiz VACUOLES will test your skills and knowledge on various topics. Will you be the grand winner of BeeVee?

    Enroll with a group of 4 to 6 people to enjoy this relaxed evening filled with fun and free snacks! You can sign up here.

  • Never feel Blue in Blue

    For our first theme Biologists Evening as the board, we are turning the Sjors & Sjimmie blue! Blue is of course a beautiful colour but it is also our board colour! Don’t feel blue this Thursday and join us in your bluest outfit for an evening full of fun, cheap drinks and fellow biologists!

    Xoxo the 38th Board!


  • LSD party

    Bring out the gamer in yourself during the next LSD party, where everything is all fun and (video) games! Impress us with your dance moves in Just Dance, virtually beat up your friends in Smash or show your mad Mario Golf skills during the tournament. The tournament will start at 19:00 and you can sign up for this for free on the activity itself at the bar.  

  • Pyjama party

    Are you tired of getting all glammed-up for special parties? Do you ever just want to stay in your pyjamas instead of getting ready? Problem solved, Fc is inviting you to our pyjama party on the 8th of March. Come and party with us in your comfortable pyjama outfit . The doors to the pyjama party will open at 22:00 at the Heidi's Skihut. Don’t forget to bring your ID and BeeVee membership card because members have a free entrance, while non-members have to pay 1.5€ in cash to enter. To clarify, there is no protected wardrobe for your personal belongings at the bar, so we urge you to use the city lockers or leave the jackets on the hooks in the bar on your own responsibility. We hope to see you in great numbers and amazing outfits!

  • International Women's Day Movie Night

    One day is not enough to celebrate International Women's Day! Grab you friends and extend the festivities to the 9th of March, Kultuur's got you covered: cozy up with a drink while watching a movie that celebrates women.

  • Photoshop workshop

    Hey, do you want to learn how to create posters that worthy for a museum?
    Then come to the Photoshop workshop!!

  • Discobowling

    Hello lovely people,

    This year we are back again with the most amazing activity : DISCOBOWLING!! Drinking beer and shots, dancing to music and bowling at the same time together with your Friends? That's something you do not want to miss!

    The bowling will take place at Olround bowling center from 20.00 till 21.30, but please be there at 19.45. The tickets Will be 7 euros and the ticketsale Will be the 6th of March till the 9th of March during the break in wing 5.

    We Hope to see you all there!


  • Living Cluedo

    Something terrible has happened! After the pubquiz, Stijn has been found dead…

  • Study Together Session

    Come study together at ABO's amazing quarterly study together session.

  • Egg hunt

    Do you remember the good old days that you were hunting for eggs during easter? We want you to be able to relive this experience with the VACUOLES easter egg hunt. Only this hunt will have a special twist...

    Are you a master pro at searching eggs? Join us on the 11th of April

  • The Disco Ferrel

    DISCO FERREL! The best of both worlds where a borrel and a party are combined. PRAC and Fc are combining forces to host an amazing activity: The Disco Ferrel! Come in your best disco outfits and enjoy the cheap cocktails! Beware, cocktails are first come first serve. As soon as we run out of cocktails we switch to the normal bar! See you there!

  • Flower Power Cantus

    The yearly FYC Cantus is finally happening! On the 19th of April we will sing our hearts out while wearing the most beautiful Flower Power outfits! Join us for an evening full of songs, punishments and lots of fun! Most importantly: Unlimited Beer! The best dressed guest will receive an award from us so pull out you best groovy outfit! The tickets will be sold via the website until the 11th of April and cost €17,36. The cantus will be held in De Professor and we will start at 21:30! You can walk in and claim your favourite spot from 21:00 onwards. Hype up your friends and join this memorable activity!

  • Hitchhiking competition

    You, in a group of 2 up to 3 will be given the starting location where a Kultuur member will meet you to provide you with the riddles necessary to decipher your next goal location. With the destination you can start the process of catching a ride all the way there.

    A list with the crazy-88 type activities you can complete on your way and their point rewards will be provided in Nijmegen before you depart. To log all these points, you need to be in touch with a Kultuur member, who will form a group chat with you and your group. This way you can log the points you accumulate for different modes of transport as well as the sideline activities. A riddle will lead you to find the Kultuur members waiting for you in the destination cities where they will give you clues and hints as to the location of your next destination.
    nce back in Nijmegen, all will be rewarded with a hefty picnic prepared by Kultuur, but the team with the most points wins an additional special prize:)!

  • Symposium

    Were you ever wondering whether what you eat could influence your thoughts? No-one liked your juicy insect protein snack and you wonder why? Or were you recently conflicted with moral questions regarding food and don’t know what to do? Were you by any chance looking for the perfect diet to combat aging?

    Symci got you covered with its annual big symposium: Food for thought! 🥦🧠

  • Batavierenrace 2023

    In the weekend of 28-30 April, the 51e Batavierenrace will take place. This is the biggest relay race in the world, where we run in a BeeVee team of 25 people from Nijmegen all the way to Enschede! On the Saturday evening, after the big race, there will be a festival in Enschede to celebrate and we all sleep in tents on the campus there, how fun!

    The sign-ups will be from the 3rd of february till the 9th of februari via the form below. If necessary, we will hold a physical draw in the break on the 10th of february. The price will be 30 euros, which include participation, a t-shirt and many more.

    Let's make a great team and have some fun!

    additionally to form on the site, you can use this link to sign up as well.

    Disclaimer; you can cancel your participation max. 2 weeks before the race otherwise you will not get your money back!)


  • Almanac sale

    Where did the year go?! We only started with welcoming our sjaars after the Orientation, and
    all of a sudden quarter four is coming to an end. So many activities, so many memories, and
    so much fun!
    The academic year 2022/2023 is slowly closing, and MOTjE et Al. is bringing yet another almanac - the BeeVee yearbook.

  • Networking event

    On Friday evening on the 12th of May Ac organizes a networking workshop for alumni and students. During the network workshop you can enjoy our delicious tapas.

  • ATP expedition

     Do you like Expeditie Robinson or Survivor? Then come to ATP expedition to prove your skills. Sign up with your friends to have fun and to compete in several challengues. Join ATP expedition for FREE and be the last group standing!!! See you the 17 of May at 18:30 At the Waal beach.

  • ABO's Mad Scientists

    Hello and welcome to ABO's great gathering of Mad Scientists! This day we will perform our greatest mad experiments together, have dinner together and share a wonderful beverage afterwards.

    The activity will consist of 5 fun experiments that will be done in groups. We will start with dinner at 17:30, start the activity at 18:30 and approximately end at 20:00. After that we will have a beer together. :)

    The ticket sale will start the 22nd of May (next week!) in Wing 5, this will be 2.60 and includes the experiments, dinner, the drink and our positive energy! A real steal if you ask me.

    If there are any questions please feel free to send us an email ( or talk to any ABO member at uni.

  • Barbie Biologist Evening

    Do you feel like a Barbie girl in a Barbie world? Is your life plastic and isn't that fantastic?

  • BeeVee weekend 2023

    BOS is once again organising the BeeVee weekend. This weekend will take place during the long weekend of pinksteren. The BeeVee weekend is the perfect place for all of BeeVee to chill with their friends and get to know other BeeVee members a little better. During the weekend, we will stay at a club building of Jong Nederland (reusel). Here we will have activities planned for you to take part in during the evenings and the Saturday afternoon. There will also be plenty of time to play games, talk to new people or play some flunkyball.

    The weekend will start in the evening of friday the 26th of may and will end in the early afternoon of sunday the 28th of may. The day after this will be a day off from uni so you will have plenty of time to recover from the amazing weekend. If you would like to join or have any questions, we would like to welcome you at the ticket sale, which will take place in the break in the week of 24-28 of april.

  • Living Stratego

    Always wanted to be a general or a secret spy trying to eliminate the marshall. Now you have got the opportunity!

    Join VACUOLES during the break for a nice game of living Stratego. The best part is, no sign ups needed.

    So bring all your friends and join us the 30th of may in the break!


    It’s official! You guys voted for it!!! The “dress as your type” theme party is finally here!! 🏀🏈🎨👗👔
    Have you ever wanted to send your crush a hint? ;) or wanted to show off your type?
    Then join us on the 30th of May at this theme party! Celebrity crushes, football players, finance guys… or even your partner, it’s up to you. And if you simply don’t have a type feel free to dress up as you wish.
    The doors to Sjors and Sjimmies will open at 22:00 and we will welcome you with welcome shots! Entrance fee is €2 for BeeVee members and €3 for externals. Don’t forget to bring your Beevee ID and cash for the entrance fee. We hope to see all of you at Fc’s last party this Uni year!!!
    Love, Fc 💛🖤

  • SPIn Lasergaming

    Has it always been your dream to be a stormtrooper? Or do you just enjoy falling over while trying to shoot people?

  • Waalbeach BBQ

    It is almost the end of the year, this means we are going to sit back, relax and enjoy the annual Waalbeach BBQ of VACUOLES.

    Like every year, we will arrange the BBQ, salad and baguettes. Do not forget to bring your own meat replacements/vegetables, drinks and plates and cutlery!

    We will see you there!


  • TKBorrel

    The TKBorrel! The event where you can get YOUR ALMANAK!! Beerbingo ends at 19:30h! 7th of June in the North canteen. See you there!

  • Study Together Session

    Hello everyone and join ABO at our fourth and last study together session of the academic year! As usual we will provide cookies, fruit, coffee, tea and last but not least, good vibes. *All for free!*

    This quarter we will get together in HG00.075 in the main hallway near wing 5 from 10:00-16:00 with TA help available. Feel free to join and leave whenever you like and we're excited to see you guys there.

    Good luck with all the projects and exams and if we don't see you, enjoy your summer!

  • After exam chilling

    Exams are finally over! Join us for a relaxing and fun afternoon in the north canteen to start off your summer. We will provide drinks and snacks for you! See you there!💙

  • Committee Market

    Do you want to join an amazing committee? If you want to get to know the committees that BeeVee has and join some open meetings to maybe join some of them come to the Committee Market to see all that BeeVee has to offer. 

  • ABO's Crazy Scientists

    Hello and welcome to ABO's gathering of crazy scientists! This evening (13/09) we will be performing our greatest experiments together such as creating lava lamps, vulcano lemons, toothpaste for our giant grey familairs, tiny rocket engines and more!

  • Welcome to our swamp borrel!

    Welcome to our SWAMP borrel! The first borrel of the year. Come and have some cheap drinks and snacks. Chat with your friends and meet your fellow Biologist. The borrel will take place in the North Canteen. See you there :)

  • FYCasino night

    Hello all gamblers!!

    We as the FYC invite to to our last activity, the amazing FYCasino night!! The night of the 20th of September will be full of casino games like Poker Texas Holdem and Black Jack! You can come to the bar from 20.30 and the activity will end at 22.30. Make sure to dress up fancy and join us for this beautiful night at the Cafe Van Buren. After that you're of course welcome to join us in the city and say goodbye to the First Year Committee!

    The entry is free! And you can sign up for the activity on the BeeVee website after you log in:)

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us on or approach us at uni!

    Hope to see you there!

  • ATP beachvolleyball

    Are you prepared to win the biggest beach volleyball championship this year? Do you want to enjoy It and share with your friends? Come and register for only €5. You could be this year's winner, don't miss it and join beachvolleyball with ATP.

    The ticketsale will take place from 11-09 until 15-09 during the break in wing 5.

  • BarbEnheimer Party

    Come to this year’s 1st Fc party and show us your Atomic Kenergy! ✨ 💣

  • Pre-GMM

    During the Pre-GMM the Biannual report and the financial biannual report will be discussed already, before the GMM on October 11th!

  • Who is the mole?

    Get ready for the ultimate mind-bending adventure as contestants race against each other while unraveling cryptic clues and navigating intense challenges in the electrifying Dutch gameshow 'Wie is de mol?'. But watch out, because hidden among them is the enigmatic 'mole' determined to sabotage their every move!

    So sign up with a group of 6 to 8 people before the 17th of september!


  • LAN and gameS Day Party

    It's the time of year again, the quarter in which the website committee hosts its gaming activity! We bring you the LAN-and-gameS-Day-party (better name pending?) on which you can play video games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros and Just Dance on our Switches and Wiis. Compete against your friends in the (free!!) Mario Kart tournament, for which you can win a prize!

    From 17:00 until 20:30, on the 3rd of October, you are welcome in the North canteen to enjoy this activity. Bring your own consoles (or games) if you'd like or grab a board game from the South canteen if that's more your cup of tea. The bar of the North canteen will be open to order a beer, or grab some free lemonade or cotton candy!

    It is possible to order food beforehand to eat at the activity: you can fill in the form when logged in the website and we’ll make sure the food can be collected and paid for at 18:00 at the bar. The deadline for ordering food is Monday the 2nd of October, 23:59.

    We'd love to see you gamer boiz, gurlz and nonbinary palz at the activity!

  • Break Lecture: the great white plague

    We all know about the “black death” of medieval ages, but did you know that there is an even greater plague that still haunts us to this day? The great white plague, alias tuberculosis, plagued humans for thousands of years and it still kills ~1.5 million people each year.

    Want to know more? Come to the lecture where dr Robert Jansen will give an introduction into Mycobacterium and the fight to end tuberculosis once and for all

  • Plant cutting exchange

    Looking for a way to decorate your room? Or are you already drowning in plants? Come to the plant cuttings exchange borrel by Marie Curie and BeeVee on the 10th of october from 16:30 onward in the North Canteen.


    During the plant cutting exchange, you can bring your own cuttings of plants, which you can then exchange for new ones. Depending on the plant that you bring (the size and rarity of the species), you will receive one, two or three coins per cutting.  From 17:30 onwards, these coins can then be used to “buy” new plants during the exchange part.

    As it is a plant cutting exchange, we would strongly encourage you to bring your own plants to be exchanged! It is however also possible to buy coins that you can exchange for cuttings if you don’t have any cuttings yourself (or forgot to bring plants). The extra plants are all donated and the money generated from that will be donated to the Waddenvereniging! It is handy if you bring cash for buying extra coins.

    While you are there, there is a very nice borrel organized that is the perfect chance to get to know people from the other study association and bond over your passion of plants. There will also be some games during the borrel that might help you get to know your fellow students.

    VERY IMPORTANT: bring a closable container/plastic bag/ pot with you, so you can transport your plant to and from the borrel!

    And for the ones who don’t know how to make plant cuttings yet, there are more than enough tutorials online. But here is already a helpful site (

  • Excursion

    his year VACUOLES and Kultuur will join forces to organize a spectacular excursion through the city of Nijmegen.

    During this excursion we will not only show the cultural highlights of the city centre, but we will also make a visit to the Ooijpolder and show the natural beauty so close to the city centre. In order to make the excursion even better, we will also have a small picknick with a nice and freshly prepared lunch!

    So come join this beautiful excursion and sign-up via this webpage (you have to logged in to be able to see the 'enroll' button).

  • aBOSs the border

    Always wanted to sit on a bike with 13 other people? Join us on a bike tour across the border to Germany on the 4th of November! 
    With you and your fellow students, we will bike with clubtrolleys from Groesbeek to Kranenburg and back, enjoying free lunch and drinks while pedalling and chatting!
    We will start at 11am in Nijmegen and be back around 4pm. You can get your ticket in wing 5 or online.
    See you in November!

Couple the BeeVee Calnder to your own via this link.