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  • NCBS - National congress Biology Students 2018

    16 October
    Dear fellow Biology student, LOBS (National Deliberation Biology Students) is an organisation for and by biology students in the Netherlands. We offer information on all the biology study programmes in the Netherlands and organise national events with biology as the central topic. An example is the annual Master of biology day in Utrecht. The past three years, we have also organised the National congress for Biology Students (NCBS). This year, LOBS will present the fourth edition of the NCBS on December 14th of 2018!  The event will again take place in the congress room and foyer of Safari Centre Burgers’ Zoo at Arnhem.Read more
  • GMM Documents are online

    25 September
    Dear Members, the definitive GMM documents are now online! They can be found right here. We would like to encourage you to read them and hope to welcome you on the general meeting of members on wednesday the third of October in Lin 5 from 16.00h on, and in HG00.307 after 17.30h :).Read more
  • General Meeting of Members 03-10-2018

    20 September
    Dear member, We would like to invite you to the biannual general meeting of members (GMM) of BeeVee. The GMM will take place on Wednesday 3rd of October 2018. The GMM will start at 16:30h and you are free to enter the room from 16:00h. From 16:30h till 17:30h the GMM will be in Linnaeus 5 and from 17:30h till 21:30h the GMM will be in HG00.307. We want to apologize for the two different locations, but this was the only way to hold the GMM on this day. The pre-GMM will be on Wednesday 19th of September from 12:30h till 13:30h in HG00.303.Read more
  • Policy plan Internationalisation

    24 May
    [Nederlands volgt Engels] Dear member, We, the 33rd board of BeeVee, have set up the 'Policy Plan Internationalisation 2018-2019' to prepare ourselves on the English Bachelor Biology that will start next year and the non-Dutch speaking students that will start the study Biology in Nijmegen. This document will be presented on Thursday 7th of June between 12:30 and 13:30h. This will also be the time to ask us questions about the upcoming internationalisation. You can find this document by the GMM-documents --> Internationalisation --> 7th of June or through this link.  The docment  is in Dutch for now and will be translated after the 7th of June. We would like to see you all on Thursday 7th of June!Read more
  • General Meeting of Members 26-04-2018

    09 April
    [Nederlands volgt Engels]Keep in mind that the GMM will be held in Dutch Dear member, We would like to invite you to the interim general meeting of members (GMM) of BeeVee which will be on Thursday the 26th  of April 2018. The GMM will start at 16:30h in HG00.303, you are free to enter the room from 16:00h. There will be no pre-GMM in advance of this general meeting. During the GMM the 33rd board of BeeVee will discuss the statements of personal information for members, honorary members, members of merit and friends of BeeVee. Also the confidentiality statement for active members of BeeVee will be presented. Furthermore there will be a vote on the general membership terms and conditions, general sales conditions, proposed changes in the house rules and the contract with Dekker van de Vegt. There will be a completely new document for the general sales conditions. We advise you to read both the current and the new general sales conditions to get a good overview of the proposed changes. The GMM-documents will be available on the BeeVee-website from Thursday the 12th of April 2018. We hope to see you during the interim-GMM!Read more