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  • Newsletter week 22

    09 June
    Dear members, If you missed the newsletter of week 22, there is also the possiblity of reading it here. Read more
  • Website Survey

    02 February
    Dear biologists, As you may or may not know, BeeVee has a website that is dearly treasured and cared for by their website committee SPIn. However, we think there is room for improvement. We would like to make using the website as easy, as useful and as fun as possible. Therefore, we have set up an evaluation form for the website which you can find here. Please share your thoughts with us, as we find your opinion very valuable.  With love, SPInRead more
  • Charity auction

    22 November
    On the 6th of December the annual BeeVee charity auction will take place! During the charity auction we will be auctioning off items, and all the profits will be going to our charity: de Waddenvereniging (The mudflat association). You can sign up items you would like to auction of via the following form.  At the charity auction you can bid on all the different items that pass by, and you might be able to acquire some nice bargains whilst also helping out charity. There will also be a bar during the activity where you buy drinks. De Waddenvereniging is an organisation that protects the Wadden Sea, one of the Netherlands' largest ecosystems. With one subject they vigorously oppose damage to the Wadden Sea ecosystem, and with the others they initiate projects that make it more robust.Read more