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As the Biology Orientation Committee, we organise the awesome yearly orientation for Biology. This week of fun is always a great success and this year won't be different! During this orientation week you, as a first year student of Biology, will become acquainted with the study programme, the city of Nijmegen and of course the student’s life. Expect a week filled with parties, fun daily activities and of course a load of new people to meet! If you have any questions about the orientation week of Biology, please feel free to contact us by sending a message to We will of course try to answer your questions as fast as possible!

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Jens Loenen (Chairman)
Lina de Bruin (Secretary)
Jerom Vermare (Treasurer)
Camiel Gilissen
Renée Schepers
Lars de Bont

Getting to know BOC

Top: Jerom, Rénee, Lars, Camiel
Bottom: Jens, Lina

Jens Loenen
Hello, I’m Jens, a fifth-year student who is interested in the ecological part of this beautiful subject called biology. Currently I'm also doing a minor in education, which means I'm a high school biology teacher on the side. Things I really enjoy are hanging out, going out, or mainly every social activity. I also like to spend some time with my friends playing (board)games or just have a chat with them. Furthermore, I really like to be active within our amazing study association BeeVee. I'm really looking forward to meet you all coming August and I'm honoured to be the chairman of the orientation 2022! I’m known to have a quite loud voice, so you will probably hear (about) me during the orientation ;). I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!!

Lina de Bruin
Hello everybody, my name is Lina and I will be the secretary of BOC. I am 22 years old and currently in my fourth year of Biology. I was born and raised in Nijmegen, which means I know everything there is to know about Nijmegen and I will teach you the ins and outs. I am a proud member of BeeVee’s sport committee, which is called ATP (Activation Through Performance). I like to play volleyball and I am also a member of nsvv Heyendaal. Besides playing sports, work and uni I also like to go to parties, borrels and hang out with friends and family. See you at the orientation week!

Jerom Vermare
Hellohello, it’s me, Jerom! I am one of the BOC'ers this year, as treasurer, and I am 24 years old. Getting to know me is not that hard, but there are a few key points to remember. I was born in the province Zeeland which makes me a proper ‘Zeeuw’ and you should never call me a ‘Zeelander’. My music taste is not really exotic. If they are playing some Hip-hop or the so called Dutch ‘slettendisco’, I am a happy man. When I am not busy studying (so actually always) I love doing fun stuff with my friends, watching some Netflix, working or going to the gym.

Lars de Bont
Hellooo, I am Lars. I’m 22 years old and I’m in my third year of Biology, doing the medical trajectory. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Nijmegen, so I definitely know my way around. Overall, I’m a pretty calm and relaxed person, but I am also always up for hanging out, or drinking and going partying. I really enjoy being active within the study association so you can often find me at many of the BeeVee activities, and I am also a part of the sports committee, the almanac committee and since this year: the orientation committee! I am very excited to meet you all during the orientation week, as I had a great time during my own orientation and I want to make sure that you do as well!

Renée Schepers
Hee everyone! I’m Renée, 21 years old and in my 3th year of biology. I’m a real Brabander (living in the south of the Netherlands) and I have been living happily in the beautiful Nijmegen for a while now. Besides being a proud member of BOC, I’m also joining the committee PRAC, where you may see me during the awesome borrels which are organized by us. Furthermore, I like horseriding, mountainbiking, and love to play some games and drink some beers with my friends. I’m really looking forward to meet all of you in next orientation!

Camiel Gilissen
Hi everyone! My name is Camiel and I’m 21 years old. I'm a fourth-year Biology student interested in the so called ‘green’ Biology, namely plant physiology and ecology. My hobbies include playing (electric) guitar, listening to and talking about different kinds of music (anything loud will do) and hanging out with friends. I’m an active member of our study association BeeVee, as member of the excursion and games committee, VACUOLES. After being a mentor myself three times, I’m now also part of BOC! I grew up around Maastricht and have been living in Nijmegen since the start of my study. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and having an amazing orientation week together!

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