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Mentor sign up 2023: 

Hi everyone!
The time has come again to find mentors for the upcoming orientation! We hope you are just as excited about it as we are. Being a mentor in our orientation is a great experience and you get to see the orientation from the other side compared to when you participated yourself :). Below you can find the requirements to become an orientation group and a link where you can sign up!


- All members of a group should be available on ALL dates you can find on the poster. These dates are mandotory and its important that you are available on every one of them before signing up.
- A group must consists of three persons with mixed genders
- At least one member in your group must speak Dutch (to make communication easier with for example the university or pubs in the city)
- You have to study at least one more year of Biology or a Biology related master which is directly connected to the bachelor (no pre-master). This to ensure that the people in your group have someone to talk to in their upcoming first year

Sign up link:

Once you have checked the dates, the other requirements and found a group you can sign up via the link below. It will ask you your names, an email adress and provides a datestinger where you can sign up for your interview with two members of BOC. 
Google Form                                                                                                                                                           

We hope to see a lot of you signing up! As said, we are already very much looking forward to the orientation and hope you can be a part of it. If you have any more questions or remarks, don't hesitate to mail us to the address provided below or by contacting any of us directly :).

Lots of love,


As the Biology Orientation Committee, we organise the awesome yearly orientation for Biology. This week of fun is always a great success and this year won't be different! During this orientation week you, as a first year student of Biology, will become acquainted with the study programme, the city of Nijmegen and of course the student’s life. Expect a week filled with parties, fun daily activities and of course a load of new people to meet! If you have any questions about the orientation week of Biology, please feel free to contact us by sending a message to We will of course try to answer your questions as fast as possible!

For more information about the orientation click this link.
Mail this committee:

Camiel Gilissen (Chairman)
Renée Schepers (Secretary)
Lars de Bont (Treasurer)
Wouter de Bloeme
Odilia von Bayern
Hazal Doğan

Top: Wouter, Lars, Camiel
Bottom: Odilia, Renée, Hazal


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