Orientation Week

Welcome to the orientation page!  Below, you will find all the information concerning the Orientation of 2021!

The orientation is a yearly event which is organized in August for all first-year students of the Radboud University. This is a week that is dedicated entirely to introducing the new students to the campus, the city of Nijmegen and everything that comes with the student’s life. As can be expected this year will be a little bit different because of COVID-19. The orientation will take place from Saturday 22nd of August until the Wednesday 29th of August. When we have a final program, we will post this on our Instagram @beevee_boc and this will also be made clearer in the email you get from us. Part of this program will be organized by the Radboud University, however with a large group of peer mentors, the Biology Orientation Committee (BOC) (Dutch: Introductie Commissie or IC) organizes a biology orientation that you will remember and in which friendships are made that last for a lifetime!

As a first-year student, chances are that you do not know a lot about the student’s life in Nijmegen. Maybe you have travelled from far to come study in Nijmegen and maybe this will be your first experience living on your own. Maybe you are still commuting. It is also possible that you have already studied in Nijmegen for a few years and have decided to take your study into a new direction. Whatever your background is, the orientation is an awesome week of fun and a perfect way to start your study with a bang! Not only will you meet other first year students through daily activities, you will also explore the Faculty of Science with fun games and we will try to give you a small hint of the great nightlife in Nijmegen through a pub crawl. During the orientation, the board of BeeVee will also help with ordering the first of your books and study materials in the web shop that you will need for your study.

When you do decide to participate in the orientation of biology, you will be assigned to a group of in between 10 and 15first year students. There are 10 groups, each with their own name (and of course their own yell with which they make their presence known!). Do not be scared, you will have all the fun in the world with your orientation group and with other groups as well! The three peer mentors will see to this. The peer mentors are biology students that chosen to devote their time to share their experiences in the study association BeeVee and city of Nijmegen with you. These sweet and awesome people will lead your orientation group and they will mind the group’s wellness and oversee that everyone has a good time! Without the dedication and enthusiasm of these peer mentors a major part of theactivities that you will participate in could not have been made possible.

If you have any further questions concerning the orientation, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form on the BOC-page.

Hopefully, we will see you during the orientation!

Information on the Orientation of Biology 2021

The Orientation week of Biosciences will take place from 22th of August until the 29th of August this year.

About the Orientation

Becoming a member of BeeVee and study

Get to know BOC
Kobus Cox
Hiii there, my name is Kobus and I'm 23 years old. This year I have the honour to be the chairman of BOC, you can also call me Big Boss Kobus if you see me. Besides being in BOC I spend my time playing board games with my friends and drinking a few beers in the process. By the time you are reading this I will hopefully also have my degree for being a teacher Biology. Next to that I like to be creative with Indesign, Illustrator or just with my hands. I hope the Orientation will be as awesome als always this year, see you in August!

Lotte van 't Ooster
Hi there, lovely kiddo’s! My name is Lotte and I am 20 years old. This year, my function in BOC will be secretary. This means that I am in charge of all the emails and I contact other organizations. Besides BOC, I am now in my fourth year of my Bachelor and hopefully I could start my Master next year. Probably this won’t be in Nijmegen, but we will see! Furthermore, I spend way too much money on coffees, lunches, beers and (vintage) clothing. In my spare time I spend hours in talking with my friends, Netflix, reading, drawing, BeeVee and sporting (I hope).

Lyke van de Pol
Hi future biology students! My name is Lyke (pronounce like Lieke) and I am 22 years old. This year I am the treasurer of BOC, so I will be handling all the money! This is my fifth study year and I am in my first year of the Medical Epigenomics master. Besides BOC I am also a member of PRAC, because I love to chill and have a beer with some friends. Besides that I love to go to the gym or dance and I love horse
riding. I had the absolute best time during my own orientation as a polar bear and I have also been a mom of ostriches kiddos which was amazing! Can’t wait to help organize this orientation and give all of you the best week ever! See you soon!

Jens Loenen
Hello, I’m Jens, a fourth-year student who is interested in the ecological part of this beautiful subject called biology. I don’t have that many hobbies, but the ones I have do take up a lot of time. The most time consuming one has something to do with golden liquids. I also like to spend some time with my friends playing (board)games or just have a chat with them. Furthermore, I really like to be active within our amazing study association BeeVee. Random fact about me, I can swallow large things at whole. I’m known to have a quite loud voice, so you will probably hear (about) me during the orientation ;). I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!!

Lina de Bruin
Hello everybody, my name is Lina and I am a general member of BOC. I am 21 years old and currently in my third year of Biology. I was born and raised in Nijmegen, which means I know everything there is to know about Nijmegen and I will teach you the ins and outs. I am a proud member of BeeVee’s sport committee, which is called ATP (Activation Through Performance). I like to play volleyball and I am also a member of nsvv Heyendaal. Besides playing sports, work and uni I also like to go to parties, borrels and hang out with friends and family. See you at the orientation week!

Jerom Vermare
Hellohello, it’s me, Jerom! I am one of the BOC'ers this year and I am 23 years old. Getting to know me is not that hard, but there are a few key points to remember. I was born in the province Zeeland which makes me a proper ‘Zeeuw’ and you should never call me a ‘Zeelander’. My music taste is not really exotic. If they are playing some Hip-hop or the so called Dutch ‘slettendisco’, I am a happy man. When I am not busy studying (so actually always) I love doing fun stuff with my friends, watching some Netflix, working or going to the gym.