All activities which BeeVee organises troughout the year are organised by her committees and the active members belonging to those committees.
At the moment BeeVee has fourteen fixed activity committees (FACs) and one ad hoc committee. Each of these committees has their own field of interest and organises acitivites within this field. 
A committee has a chairman, treasurer and in most cases about ten very enthousiastic members. Each committee can determine for themselves how many members they need to organise an activity and the commissioners of internal relations (cirs) help wherever necessary.
The committees organise a wide range of activities. From afternoon drinks and parties to symposia and study afternoons. Also other (sports) activites, a studytrip, the association magazine and the almanak are facilitated by committees of BeeVee. There is also a photo- and film committee and an education committee who's goal it is improve the study of biology. Every committee has its own page, which can be viewed by clicking on the committee's logo. On this page a description of the committee and its members can be found.




Did you know?!
Most of our committees have a name which is biology-related!  You can read about it on their pages. If you did not know this, maybe you will start thinking about it now!