MOTjE et Al.

MOTjE et Al.

MOTjE et Al. is the committee which is engaged in making the independent association's magazine of BeeVee, the MOTjE, which is published five times per year. Besides that, MOTjE et Al. publishes a yearbook, the Almanak.

A large variety of items can be found in a MOTjE! From ‘Nature News’, an informative piece on the latest developments in biology, to interviews with the most diverse kinds of people. From ‘The Pen’, a continuously changing piece of another biology student, to the legendary MOTjEQUOTES, in which the weirdest statements of your fellow biology students are mentioned. In short, something to suit all tastes!

The Almanac is the yearbook of BeeVee, in which there will be reported about all kinds of things which have taken place that year within the association. There are pieces about each month, informative articles about the theme of that year, framed faces of all biology students, the photo strip and a lot more. Previous Almanacs had, among others, the following themes: fossil, phenomenal and dreams. The new Almanac will also become a beautiful, fascinating and fantastic book you wouldn’t want to miss!

As editors of MOTjE et Al. we try to entertain and inform you via interesting columns, informative pieces and other articles! Do you have ideas or suggestions? Let us know!

Mail this committee:

Hazal Dogan

Polina Belkina
Kobus Cox
Suzanne Dekkers
Paul Roodbol
Pascal Huizing
Floor Hurkens
Steven Huls
Jasmijn Miltenburg
Lotte van 't Ooster
Eva Arntz
Lars de Bont
Doris Ariaens
Rick Temminck
Noor Verhagen
Stephanus Vermeltfoort

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