We are looking for new members. If you are interested, mail us!

We are SPIn, or Site-Perfecting Internet users. Like the name implies, it means that we’re the committee that is concerned with everything surrounding the BeeVee-website.

Last academic year (2019-2020) we were mainly occupied with the maintaining and improving the BeeVee website. The result of our efforts can be seen online. In the future, we will put in effort to make the website as well-functioning as we can.To keep perfecting the site is our biggest mission. For any ideas, questions or comments you can always contact us by (for example) the email button below.

Aside from maintaining the website we also organise a number of activities every year. LAN and Spelletjes Dag (Games Day), better known as LSD-Party, is our biggest “offline” activity. During this fun evening, games are played on numerous consoles, varying from the Nintendo 64, XBOX and Playstation to the Nintendo Switch. The LSD-Party, which takes place twice a year, always has a large turnout. Our other “online” activities, like the Google zoektocht (Google Treasure hunt), het Geluid van BeeVee (the Sound of BeeVee) or the BioTop40, are also very popular amongst our co-biologists and are definitely perfect for small (or big) study evading moments.

If you’re interested in joining SPIn you can send us an email or talk to one of our members in the hallways. If you are wondering who those members are again, there is a list below.
We have a meeting about once every month and a work meeting which you can also visit. On such a night, we eat together and talk about the current affairs of our committee. A meeting never takes long with us, which enables us to have a drink and/or play a game afterwards. We're a friendly bunch, and tend to organize a lot of activities within our committee. For example, we're running a DnD campaign with a few of us, we often do escape rooms with the group, and we have a yearly Disney movie night on which we bake cakes this year. Feel free to mail us to ask for a visit to one of our meetings, to see if you'd like joining us!

P.S. You might wonder why the SPIn-spider only has 7 legs instead of the normal 8? Because a real biologist never makes that kind of mistake! Well, this is because the SPIn-spider is a serious internet joke dating back to 2008. You can read the story here.

Mail this committee:  beevee_spin@science.ru.nl

Sander van Akkeren

Sander van Akkeren
Pedro Alonso González
Lucas Baakman
Isis Bos
Eline Broekhuis
Sietske Dijkstra
Hazal Doğan
Romy Geuvers
Noël Malewski
Jim Meuwisen
Barend Mijzen
Merijn Schutgens
Kate Skorobogatova
Luuk Vos
Anna Wessel

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