The first year committee of BeeVee (FYC) is a committee consisting of only first year students and is guided by three seniors. FYC is trying to involve these new biologists in the study association of BeeVee. This way we hope to get them excited about and involved in BeeVee, and get them to come to the activities.

The first year committee organises several fun activities throughout the year, like a Cantus and a Diner Rouler. We try to organise great activities like those and other about once every month. The members of FYC are guided by three seniors. This year, these are Emma Stroucken, Nynke Veldman and Stijn Verbruggen. These supervisors make sure all the activities will go smoothly and will point them to practical things. There is the possibility to organise activities together with other committees.

The selection for FYC members happens soon after the start of the University year. To reach as many first years as possible, we try to get one person from every introduction group. When there is no interest from anyone in an introduction group to join FYC however, that spot will be filled in by more people from an introduction group who do have interest in joining FYC. It is important that the first years joining FYC are motivated and willing to work together to make these many great activities work!

Mail this committee: beevee_fyc@science.ru.nl

Ines van Bavel

Ioana Lupea
Zsófia Türk
Pim Hendriks
Kiki van den Hurk
Fernanda Ormel
Frixos Georgiades
Leonardo Battaglia
Martine Rázus
Rafael Zampakas
Siene van Lier
Willemijn Kuijper
Andrei Anfilofev
Emma Stroucken
Nynke Veldman
Stijn Verbruggen

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