'Het Actief Biologen Overleg' (ABO)/ Education committee (ABO)ABO

As members of the education committee (ABO), we keep an eye on the quality of the biology education in Nijmegen. We stay in contact with several representative advisory boards on both university and nationwide level. In addition to that we have a help line, where students can ‘’anonymously’’ pass along their complaints. As the committees, we will think about solutions and if needed approach the teacher of the course, so that we can we can tackle potential problems quickly.
Do you have complaints or ideas to improve the biology education? Send them to abo-hotline@science.ru.nl

Furthermore, we offer students several tools, which they can use during their study. The alternative internship guide and exam bundle for first years are the most famous examples of this.

Our committee also organizes several study and knowledge related activities. For all first-year students biology for example, we organize a parents day. A Saturday on which your parents can see with their own eyes where you spend your time as a biology student all day. Every year in the autumn we also organize, in collaboration with PRAC, a lovely and unforgettable Christmas 'borrel  for the Biology department. ABO also organizes fun and useful workshops throughout the year.

If you have a good idea for a workshop, please e-mail them to abo@science.ru.nl.
ABO is always looking for enthusiastic new members who have an opinion about our biology education and who are willing to commit to making the education even better. Because ABO wants to critically look to all courses being offered in the bachelor of biology, it is important that we have members of all the different cohorts to evaluate all courses in every year. Would you like to represent your year and join ABO? Just send a mail to abo@science.ru.nl!

Download the exam bundle for first-year students here.

Mail this committee: abo@science.ru.nl

Angeliki Sideri

Vera van den Boer
Marina Bool
Ingeborg Breel
Sverre Creuwels
Amand van Hoof
Jordy van Huissteden
Julie van Immerseel
Jennifer Meijer
Carlo Moons
Daan Rutten
Anne de Ruyter
Lisa van Solt
Renée Veerman
Valerie Versteeg


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