ATP is BeeVee’s sports committeeATP

As a true biologist you are most likely to think  of ATP as adenosine triphosphate, the energy provider of our body. If so, you’re already quite on the right track. But as a true biologist and member of BeeVee, of course you think of Activation Through Performance, the name of BeeVee's sports committee.

As a committee, we provide various sports activities throughout the year to compensate for all the parties and Biologist evenings that are being held.  Cause honestly, eating all those snacks in combination with all those beers sure is anything but healthy.

That's why we want to make sure everyone gets their dose of sports. We organize various activities where we try to alternate well-known with less-known sports. In addition to the Batavierenrace (a running event), bowling and beach volleyball, we’ve also organized lacrosse, survival and scootering! There’s something  for everybody! Besides that, we also always make sure that we have a nice third half.

In short, do you like to do some sports during your student life, make sure you come and check out one of our activities!

P.s. For questions you can always ask one of our members (see below) or send an email to this committee: atpbeevee@gmail.comChairman
Anne van der Ven

Guus van Boldrik
Marina Bool
Lina de Bruin
Pleun Meurs
Ties Maris
Sam Teulings
Luuk Vaartjes 
Jerom Vermare
Inez Essed
Veerle Driessen
Steven Rots
Maxime de Jonghe
Eva Arntz
Lars de Bont
Chloë Stevens

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