Since February 2016 the alumni committee of BeeVee is born! AcThe committee was established to bring alumni and current students closer to each other. Alumni can be very helpful for students. Our goal is to open the eyes of students and let them see what alumni can mean to them. Alumni can help you with finding an internship or tell you their story of how they did it back then. We also noticed that alumni really like to get back into the student life and see how biology is educated nowadays.

To complete our goal we organize interesting activities like a back-to-school-day for alumni. This day the alumni are accompanied by students. Last year we also organized a network drink, a barbecue and an excursion to the Spiegelwaal here in Nijmegen. These activities are open for students and alumni. The two groups had great conversations during these activities and really got to know each other better.

Do you want to join us at our activities? Stay tuned to this website or follow the Ac Facebook page. Here we will announce are upcoming events. Do you want to know more about our committee or do you want to join us? Send an e-mail to We are always looking for new committee members and would really like your input!

Alumni of BeeVee must sign a statement of personal information before BeeVee can legally store their personal information. You can download and read these documents on this page.  

Ac also put together a project where students can experience a day of an alumnus. Are you interested as alumnus to work on this, then fill in the administration form here.

Are you a student and interested in participating in a Job Experience with an alumnus? Click here!

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Zander Geerman

Student members
Nicole Bisschops
Daniela Donoshaite
Joyce Haane
Marijntje Jansen
Barend Mijzen
Mae McGinley Smith
Lutz Tebbe


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