This page contains information about the members of the 36th board of BeeVee and their duties. If you want to view the house rules and the articles of association of BeeVee follow this link or stop by the board room (TR01.009) between 12:30 h and 13:00 h and ask the board. Ofcourse you can always approach a board member and you can send an e-mail to with any questions or remarks.  

The 36th board of BeeVee

From left to right: Nienke van der Wal, Anne de Ruijter, Robin Jansen, Kirsten de Laat, Giel de Laat, Mark Eijkmans and Eva Arntz.

Distribution of functions

Chairman Kirsten de Laat
Secretary Robin Jansen
Treasurer Giel de Laat
Commissioner education and study materials Anne de Ruijter
Commissioner external relations Mark Eijkmans
Commissioner internal relations I Nienke van der Wal
Commissioner internal relations II Eva Arntz

Description of board functions

For a description of the general duties of the board, a description of all the board functions and the function specific email adresses, follow this link.

Do you want to get the indivdual board members better? Read their personal messages here below:

Kirsten de Laat - Chairman

Hello everyone, my name is Kirsten de Laat and I am in my third year of my bachelor's degree. This year I will be your chair, so you will probably see me even more during BeeVee activities this year than you would normally do. This time not only with a camera in my hand and thus as DIAFRAGMA, but also as the 36th board! Currently I am also the chair of the committee DIAFRAGMA as most of you already know and I am honoured to also be your chair the upcoming year! Besides BeeVee, I like to play tennis, enjoy walks in nature and I am always in for a glass of wine or a beer with my friends. 

If you have any questions for me, or about the board, my function or BeeVee in general, you can always contact me via! Also I am very good at talking, so if you are in need for some chit chat just reach out to me or come by during the boardshifts!

Robin Jansen - Secretary

My name is Robin Jansen and I am 23 years old. I am in the first year of my master Adaptive Organisms. This year, the honour of being the Secretary of BeeVee has been bestowed upon me. I was also a part of the 35th board as their chairman, but I hadn’t had enough of it yet, so I decided to do another board year. I hope I can contribute even more to this association in that way. Besides being on the board, I am also a member of DIAFRAGMA and LuCA2020. When I have some time left besides BeeVee, I like to read books, write stories, play the saxophone, play board games or drink beer with my friends.

If you have any questions about the board, my function or BeeVee in general, you can drop me an email at! Also, you can come to the board room shifts, where I am available for questions or just some nice chit-chat!

Giel de Laat -  Treasurer

Dear reader. My name is Giel de Laat, 24 years old, and 5th year biologist. Currently I am in my 5th  bachelor year, hopefully my last, and simultaneously in my 1st of the Human Biology master, but I want to specialise to SMI. I will have the pleasure of handling all financial matters of BeeVee this year, and will also take care of the merchandise. I also like to annoy my fellow BeeVee members with my photo camera when I am on DIAFRAGMA duty, and I am also a member of LuCA2020. Hobby-wise I like to mess about on my electric guitar or drink some beers with my mates.

I hope to see you all very soon, either online or in a physical setting. You can always reach me at

Anne de Ruijter - Commissioner education and study materials

My name is Anne de Ruijter and I am 20 years old. I am currently in the third year of my bachelor and mainly interested in human biology. This year, besides studying I’ll have the pleasure of being the commissioner education and study materials of the 36th board. I am also a member of ABO, the educational committee of BeeVee and I’m in the Programme Committee (PC) Biosciences. So, as you can see, I’ve always been interested in educational matters, and my function choice didn’t really come out of nowhere. In addition to all those biology-related activities, I also enjoy spending time with my friends, playing (board) games, reading and being outdoors.

If you ever have questions about books, education or anything else related to BeeVee, don’t hesitate to contact me at Or, if you ever see me walking around, just hit me up!

Mark Eijkmans - Commissioner external relations

My name is Mark Eijkmans and I will be this year’s contact for external organisations with BeeVee. I am 20 years old and currently in the third year of my bachelor. I am mainly interested in human biology, although my interests are generally very broad. While going to BeeVee’s activities was always one of my favourite things to do, I did not become an active member until later on. Last year I joined the travel committee, BOS, and this year I am taking it a step further by being part of the 36th board. Apart from being busy with BeeVee I also like to go swimming, hang out with friends and play games. As commissioner external relations, I hope that I can show external parties exactly what makes BeeVee the best.

I hope to see all of you offline as well again soon! If you have any further questions, you can contact me via email on

Nienke van der Wal - Commissioner internal relations I

My name is Nienke van der Wal, I’m 21 years old and currently in my fourth year of my Bachelor. Four years ago, I was under the impression that I wanted to study medical biology but this drastically changed in my first year and now I have a broad interest in green biology, as long as it has to do with plants. I’ve been active within BeeVee already since my first year starting in EC (now FYC). I was very excited about being a part of a committee and organising activities so I decided to join Symci and Kultuur in my second year. After a year, I even had the honour of being chairwoman of Symci. Being an active member within these committees inspired me to join the 36th board as commissioner internal relations. Together with Eva, I will be responsible for the contact with all the committees of BeeVee and planning of activities within IR. Next to being busy for BeeVee, I like to spend time with friends or go outside for a walk, run or bike ride. I also listen to a lot of music and like to make some myself by playing the oboe from time to time.

I hope that we can meet in person again soon! If you have any questions or just feel like chatting, don’t hesitate to come the (online) board room or email me at

Eva Arntz - Commissioner internal relations II

My name is Eva Arntz and I am 19 years old. I am currently in the second year of my bachelor and am interested in both the green and medical parts of biology. I have been active within BeeVee since my first year by becoming a member of FYC. This was so nice that I also became a supervisor of FYC afterwards and I joined ATP and MOTjE et Al. in my second year. For now, I am also the commissioner internal relations together with Nienke. This means that we keep contact with the committees of BeeVee and are responsible for the planning of activities. Next to this, I like to sport and dance, but I can also sit on a chair for hours when being creative or playing board games with my friends.

If you have any questions or just want to chat a bit, you can always send me an email at or just hit me up when you see me somewhere!

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