Corona measures update 23-03-2020 14:25

The Board
23 March 2020

Dear member,

We thought it wise to quickly sum up all the updates about the measures regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Firstly and perhaps most importantly, the Radboud University has decided to grant first year students an extra opportunity to retrieve their BSA (Binding Study Advice). You can read every detail about it here. The RU also gave a few more details about how it wants to let the exams proceed. You can read that here. It was also decided that the university buildings will only be open between 7:30 and 18:00 and that you have to register at the front desk when entering. This can be found here. Those were the main important updates from the RU.

The board of BeeVee also has some updates. All of those can be carefully read here. In essence it boils down to the following: there will be no physical activities until at least 10-04-2020; We advise to follow all the guidelines by the RIVM; The ticket registration for the Lustrum will happen online via a Google Form and more information about this will soon follow; the board will make decisions regarding the Lustrum known on 28-03-2020. The board also made a Discord server. This discord server can be used to interact with people from your room and we also want to provide this medium for committees to have their meetings in. Discord is comparable to Skype but more friendly in use. If you want to join the Discord server please follow the guide on the website.

For clarification:
There will be no board room shifts until at least 10-04-2020.
There will be no biologists evenings until at least 10-04-2020.
There will be no study together session and no after exam break this exam period.


On behalf of the 35th board of BeeVee,

Merijn Schutgens